Late for Work 4/29: King: Ravens Want Lost Pick from Trade Mishap

Plus opinion/analysis of Ravens’ 1st-round choice and Reed’s ‘gonna school youngin’ Smith.

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UPDATE: League Investigating Trade Mishap’s Jeff Dickerson reported the NFL is investigating the trade debacle.

"We are looking into it," NFL Vice President of Public Relations Greg Aiello said in an email to ESPN.

The Baltimore Sun’s Jamison Hensley asked if the Ravens made a request to the league to look into matter and an NFL spokesman replied: "We have no further comment on the matter at this time."

King: Ravens Want Lost Pick from Trade Mishap

The Ravens may ask the league to award them compensation from the Chicago Bears for the trade mishap that occurred late in the first-round of the NFL Draft Friday night, reported’s Peter King.

Baltimore and Chicago had agreed to a deal that would swap their 26th- and 29th-overall picks, and the Ravens would get the Bears’ fourth-round pick in return for moving back. But Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo admitted he “dropped the ball” and forgot to call the league to confirm the trade.

Waiting for the deal to be announced, the Ravens’ final seconds to make a selection ticked off the clock. They were forced to slide behind the Kansas City Chiefs and pick at No. 27 (more details on the debacle). In the end, both

Baltimore and Chicago were able to draft the players they had hoped to get.

“All’s well that ends well, you say? Not so fast,” wrote Peter King. “Angelo called Baltimore Owner Steve Bisciotti to apologize, but Bisciotti wanted the fourth-round pick anyway, claiming it was part of the deal they’d agreed to. In fact, I’m told Bisciotti today will push to get the fourth-round pick, or to make the situation right in some way.

“The league is under no obligation to do so, because the trade was never official. And maybe all’s fair in love and draft-night trades, but as far as Baltimore’s concerned, I don’t think this one’s over. I think the Ravens will ask the league to award them some compensation from Chicago before the draft resumes at 6 p.m. Eastern today. Stay tuned.”

Reed Is ‘Gonna School Youngin’ Smith

Shortly after the Ravens made their first-round selection of Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith, his new teammate Ray Rice promptly tweeted this #fact:

“Ed Reed is gonna school the youngin Jimmy Smith and our secondary is going to be a problem this year.”

Rice may have been referring to football lessons or life lessons (or both), but his remarks hit on a debate that surrounds Smith’s attempt to overcome character concerns.

Can influential leaders in the Ravens’ locker room – such as Ray Lewis and Ed Reed – help Smith keep on the straight and narrow?

The Baltimore Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg says that believing a strong Ravens locker room will help make Smith less of a character risk is clearly a “fantasy.”

“It’s part of a mythology that people want you to believe,” wrote Van Valkenburg. “You can buy into it if you like, but it’s a little silly. Knuckleheads tend to do whatever they want. Is Smith a knucklehead? Who knows? People should give him the benefit of doubt for now. But he’ll either act like a mature adult or he won’t because he chooses to, not because Ray Lewis gives him a lecture on personal conduct.”

Former Ravens Super Bowl-winning linebacker Brad Jackson, who has experience sharing a locker room with Lewis and character-questioned corner Chris McAlister, believes Smith’s new teammates can and will help.

“In [Baltimore's] locker room, those off-the-field issues don’t exist,” said Jackson in the video below. “Because with the strong leadership of Terrell Suggs, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, those types of guys, and the way things are done in the building, character issues – those knuckleheads won’t make it in the locker room. …It will be straightened out real quick.”

There may be a little truth in what both Van Valkenburg and Jackson are saying. Either way, Smith is ready to do his part.


Around-The-Web Analysis of Ravens’ 1st-Round Choice

Smith was the right “gamble” for Baltimore
. “The Ravens took a gamble with Jimmy Smith, but it was the right one. An elite defense, like the one the Ravens had in 2000, has to have a shutdown cornerback. The Ravens have been in search of one since parting ways with Chris McAlister. Like McAlister, Smith has some character issues. But the Ravens got many productive years out of McAlister. Ultimately, this decision will be based on whether Smith develops into a top cornerback in the league and whether the pass rushers the Ravens passed on (Da’Quan Bowers and Muhammad Wilkerson) stack up against him.” – Jamison Hensley, The Baltimore Sun

Best corner in the draft for the Ravens’ style of defense
. “Great pick. There’s some talk about him, but I played with a big, physical corner named Chris McAlister, who went to two or three Pro Bowls. … To me, the best corner in the entire draft when you talk about that style of defense the Ravens are going to play. When you get a big kid like Jimmy Smith, now you can play a lot more physical because you got a big corner.” – Brad Jackson,

Team reps who spent time and interviewed Smith, liked him.
“The Ravens made a bold pick with Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith, maybe the biggest problem athlete in the first round. However, personnel people who spent time with Smith and interviewed him, liked him. Said Lions GM Martin Mayhew, who passed on him: ‘I feel better about him. He was a guy who made some mistakes but who seems to now realize the mistakes that he made. He’s a young guy who’s very talented. He has a really good skill level, good size and speed and if you look at our corners, we don’t have that.’” – John Czarnecki,

Smith could earn starting role immediately.
“The tall defensive back should be able to come right in and compete for a starting job immediately. While some would call him a great value this late in the first round, there’s a reason why he dropped so far. His off-the-field issues were a deterrent for many teams.” – Adam Caplan,

Drafting Green Signals End to Ochocinco

After watching his team draft a potential No. 1 wideout in Georgia’s A.J. Green, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco tweeted, “Prayer #1 answered getting a beast at wide receiver in AJ Green, God please answer pray #2 __________”

Of course, Ochocinco’s second prayer would be to leave Cincinnati, a move that that Ravens fans wouldn’t lose sleep over. It would be a tall task to cover both Ocho and Green twice a year.

ESPN’s James Walker believes Ochocinco’s prayers will be answered, saying the selection of Green “signals the end” of his time in Cincy.

Bulger, Cardinals May Have ‘Understanding’

The Cardinals passed on drafting a quarterback with their 5th-overall selection in the draft yesterday, even with Blaine Gabbert and Jake Locker on the board.

Quarterback is widely considered one of the franchise’s greatest needs, but the Cardinals may have felt comfortable passing on a signal caller because they could already have an “understanding” with the Ravens’ 2010 backup QB Marc Bulger, according to Len Pasquarelli of the Sports Xchange.

“A lot of people in the league feel the Cardinals already have an understanding with pending free agent Marc Bulger,” wrote Pasquarelli. “The Cardinals would have liked to sign Bulger last year, and coach Ken Whisenhunt lobbied for a deal, but Arizona had already agreed with Derek Anderson and management didn’t see a way to bring in two veterans.”

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