The Byrne Identity: Newsome: We’re Ready To Pick

GM Ozzie Newsome said a half dozen teams called to know what his plans are at No. 26.

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Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome, the man in charge of Baltimore’s draft, cleared his mind for tonight’s first round with three workouts today. He did his first early this morning after what he called “a good five-hour sleep.” The second workout came at lunchtime and the final was at around 6 p.m. earlier this evening.
Ozzie’s last workout of the day followed the “final-final” meeting before the draft. That session started a little after 4 p.m. and included Owner Steve Bisciotti.
“We’re ready to pick,” Newsome said as the draft began at 8 p.m. “The juices are flowing, but I’m calm. I trust our board and all the work that went into it. There will be no surprises. Whatever happens in front of us, we’ll be ready to hand in a card.”
When asked if he was on the phone a lot today, Newsome replied, “Not really. I probably had a half dozen teams call and ask what our plans were at 26. We’ll hear more in the next couple of hours.
Newsome is close to having a good vision of which players will be available to the Ravens later tonight at the 26th spot in the first round. “You can’t get a really good feel before the draft starts. But, after about 10 picks, you then have a pretty good idea of how it will likely shape up.”

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