Ravens Land Two Fifth-Round Picks

Baltimore was awarded a pair of compensatory picks for the first time since 2008.

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The Ravens scored two more picks for the upcoming NFL Draft, as the league announced Friday that Baltimore was awarded a pair of fifth-round compensatory selections.

The Ravens’ now find themselves with the 164th and 165th picks at the end of the fifth round.  They have nine picks overall, starting with the 26th-overall selection.

Although there was not a lot of free-agent movement last year due to the 2010 collective bargaining agreement, the Ravens lost defensive linemen Dwan Edwards (Buffalo Bills) and Justin Bannan (Denver Broncos).

Both players went on to become starters for their respective teams.

Compensatory free agents are determined by a formula based on salary, playing time and postseason honors.  The formula was developed by the NFL Management Council.  Not every free agent lost or signed by a club is covered by this formula.

Three clubs this year (Oakland, Seattle and New Orleans) will each receive a compensatory pick even though they did not suffer a net loss of compensatory free agents last year.  Under the formula, the compensatory free agents lost by these clubs were ranked higher than the ones they signed (by a specified point differential based upon salary and performance).

Twenty-one compensatory picks were awarded to clubs based upon the compensatory pick formula. The Carolina Panthers are the only team with a third-round compensatory pick, as well as the only team to get three compensatory picks overall.

The Ravens are one of just eight teams to be awarded multiple picks and one of four teams to get a pick before the sixth round.

Since 1995, the Ravens have received 31 compensatory picks, the most among all clubs.  The second-most have gone to the Dallas Cowboys, who have been awarded 29 during that span.

The Ravens have not received any compensatory picks in each of the past two drafts. Here’s all of Baltimore’s picks in this year’s draft:

Round 1: No. 26
Round 2: No. 58
Round 3: No. 90
Round 4: No. 122
Round 5: No. 164
Round 5: No. 165
Round 6: No. 175
Round 6: No. 186
Round 7: No. 215

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