Reaction To Decertification

Members of the Ravens, NFL and former NFLPA let their feelings be known.

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In the hour following the former NFL Players Association’s decision to decertify, members from both camps stepped to the microphone to deliver their reaction.
The Ravens, as an organization, will not comment on the matter. Here’s what others had to say:
Ravens Players
FB Le’Ron McClain
“Man I think it’s about to be a lockout….Smh [shaking my head] and we are the ones playing the game every Sunday, blood, sweat and tears for our fans and team.” – Twitter
CB Fabian Washington
“I’m hoping the players did what the NFLPA has been telling me to do the past two years and that’s save your money. … At this point, we really don’t know if we’re going to have a season this year.” – The Baltimore Sun
CB Domonique Foxworth
“I should really write a book about my experience in the nflpa in the last few years. Off to support my boy tommy [Tom Zbikowski]” – Twitter

Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner
“We worked hard. We didn’t get a deal obviously. We do believe mediation is the fairest and fastest way to reach an agreement.”
Jeff Pash, NFL lead negotiator
“We’re discouraged. We’re frustrated. We’re disappointed, but we’re not giving up. No one’s happy with where we are right now. This is part of a process, but not the end of the process.”
John Mara, Giants Owner
“This obviously is a very disappointing day for all of us. I’ve been here for the best part of two weeks now. Essentially, during that two-week period, the union’s position on core economic issues, has not changed one iota. Their position has been to take it or leave it.”

DeMaurice Smith, Executive Director
“We met with the owners until about 4 o’clock today. We discussed a proposal that they had presented. At this time, significant differences remained.”
“Any business where two partners don’t trust each other is a business not run well, and can never be as successful as it can be.”
“We are going to demand as your business partners that you justify taking any money from us.”
Jim Quinn, union lawyer
“Jeff Pash lied. Jeff Pash lied to the players, he lied to the fans.”

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