Ravens Not Raising Ticket Prices

The Ravens will also refund money in the event that games are canceled next season.

Posted by Ryan Mink on Thursday, January 20th, 2011 at 5:51 pm | Categories: Ryan Mink

The Ravens will not raise ticket prices for the 2011 season, breaking a team trend of upping prices every other year.

“We looked at it this year and decided it’s not a good time to raise ticket prices, so ticket prices are remaining the same,” President Dick Cass said.

The Ravens will also send out invoices to season ticket holders in the next week or so announcing their plan to refund money in the event that any games are cancelled in the 2011 season.

Cass said the Ravens will pay interest on the money if games are cancelled and they will not use money from season ticket holders to try to finance any work stoppage. The money will be held separately.

Asked for the team’s reasoning for not raising ticket prices, Cass said the uncertainty of the labor situation played a part and Baltimore also looked around the league to see what other teams were doing.

“I mean, we were fortunate,” Cass said. “Our fans have been tremendous for us. When you look around the league, I think this year season ticket sales were all 5 percent around the league, and we were solid again. So, we’re just grateful for the support we’ve gotten, we really are.”

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