Late for Work 1/7: Boldin, Haley Already Solved Differences

Plus KC is fighting a flu outbreak, a Ray Lewis catch-phrase remix and wild-card picks.

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Boldin, Haley Already Solved Differences

An easy You Tube search will quickly remind you of the sideline shouting match receiver Anquan Boldin and then Cardinals Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley were involved in during the Cardinals’ game-winning-touchdown drive in the 2008 NFC Championship.

Edward Lee of the Baltimore Sun reminds us that almost two years have passed since the incident occurred as the two are set to meet again this weekend in Kansas City for the AFC Wild Card Round.

Boldin told Lee that he and his former coach are on good terms and they won’t have anything to clear up because they already settled their differences.

“It wasn’t a problem then, and it’s not a problem now,” Boldin said. “That’s something that happens almost every week in the NFL. Like I said, we buried that then, and we’re OK.”

He added, “When you first come in contact with him, especially as a player, you think he’s a jerk,” Boldin said. “I know a lot of guys in Arizona didn’t like him at first. But I think they seemed to realize that he was just trying to get the best out of them, and I’m sure they went through the same thing in Kansas City.”

In a conference call with Baltimore media, the Chiefs’ head coach offered similar sentiments about his former receiver and even said he would have liked the chance to trade for Boldin when there were rumors of his availability.

“Anquan is a terrific, terrific, terrific player, a terrific person,” Haley said. “He’s a unique player. He’s a hybrid receiver that when he gets the ball in his hands, he becomes a running back, and that’s a dangerous combination. He’s extremely competitive; he’s extremely tough.”

Chiefs Fighting Flu Bug in Locker Room

As ESPN’s Williamson asks, chicken noodle soup, anyone?

Days before the Chiefs return to the playoffs for the first time in four years, they are implementing “kindergarten rules” to battle a flu outbreak in their locker room.

”We had a reemphasis lesson, kindergarten rules, of washing your hands, warm water, two minutes,” Haley said. ”As always, we’re doing a good job in our building of trying as best we can to keep the germs out.”

It was the flu that took the Chiefs’ leading receiver Dwayne Bowe and Pro Bowl guard Brian Waters out of practice on Wednesday. A reserve wide receiver, Quinten Lawrence, was absent from practice, also because of illness.

Bowe returned to practice yesterday, but Waters has yet to return.

Asked whether Waters could play if he doesn’t practice Friday, Haley told the Kansas City Star, ”Brian’s been around long enough. The important thing is to get him back up because that’s no fun and everybody knows it.”

Would Lewis Retire If He Wins Super Bowl?

At 35 years old, linebacker Ray Lewis says the opportunity to win another Super Bowl is all that keeps him going. It’s his single motivation.

“That’s the only prize that you can play for,” he says.

So if Lewis were to lift the Lombardi Trophy in Dallas, would he decide to finally hang up his cleats and be satisfied with a 15-year career that included 12 Pro Bowls, two Defensive Player of the Year awards, one Super Bowl MVP award and two Super Bowl rings?

“I promise you as the leader of this team, my only job is to prepare my team to try to get a win in Kansas City,” Lewis told Kansas City media. “If I thought of anything else, honestly that would be very, very, very selfish of myself.

“And that’s why I enjoy the game, every moment of it. Whatever happens is going to happen, but to be playing at the level that I’m still playing at and just to be completely healthy and play with the group of guys that I’m with, that speaks volumes when you’re in this business.”

Lewis Catch-Phrase Remix

Here’s an awesome video from the Baltimore Sun’s Kevin Richardson, who put together a remix of Ray Lewis’ press conference catch phrases.

Two Fans Find Golden Birdie, Win Tickets to Kansas City

The Ravens painted the town purple this week with purple birdie heads all over Baltimore and they left a couple golden ones along the way.

Those golden birdie heads became Nick China and Jonathan Reid’s golden tickets to the wild-card playoff game against the Chiefs.

The Ravens asked fans to find a golden birdie head, take a picture of themselves with it and post that picture on the Ravens’ Facebook page or Twitter account. China and Reid found both heads and got an all-expense paid trip to Kansas City.

“I can’t be more excited. I’m shaking,” China said in the WJZ-CBS video below. Take a look.

The golden birdie head search was just one of many contests the Ravens held on “Winning Wednesday” to help get people excited for the Ravens’ playoff run.

Fans have had so much fun, the Ravens have decided to extend their “Twitter Hashtag Takeover” contest through the weekend.

You just have to become a follower of @1WinningDrive and post clever tweets that include both #Chiefs and #2K10Ravens. The most creative tweet wins a signed Joe Flacco helmet. (Remember to please refrain from using profane and inappropriate language).

The first Hashtag Takeover winner was Jenn McDaniel (@IAMjennMCDaniel), who tweeted, “Dear #chiefs due 2 an appointment in Dallas, the #2K10Ravens cant stay long. We’ll just take that W and then be gone. :) Love, a #ravens fan.”

Oh! One fun side note…here’s Mike Duffy’s best Chuck Norris impression as he went out to help paint the town purple…

Wild Card: Ravens vs. Chiefs Picks

Experts predict the Ravens will win their third straight wild-card game this weekend against the Chiefs. Most think the Ravens’ veteran experience and the way they matchup against the Chiefs will be too much for Kansas City to overcome.

Baltimore Sun: Six of six pick Ravens
WJZ’s Mark Viviano: Ravens 20, Chiefs 13
ESPN: Five of eight pick Ravens’s Peter King: Ravens 23, Chiefs 20
USA Today: Eight of eight pick Ravens
Yahoo! Sports: Three of three pick Ravens
Sporting News: Four of four pick Ravens
NFL Network (Brian Billick, Rod Woodson, Marshall Faulk, and Kurt Warner): Four of four pick Ravens

Picks total: Ravens 32, Chiefs 3

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