Ravens Adopt ‘What’s Important Now’

The Ravens head to the playoffs with a new W.I.N campaign.

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The Ravens are heading into the postseason with a new playoff campaign revolving around a mentality of "W.I.N."-ning.

"What’s Important Now" is a phrase coined by decorated Notre Dame Head Coach Lou Holtz, who wrote about "W.I.N." in his 1998 book, Winning Every Day. 

Later, current Virginia Tech Defensive Coordinator Bud Foster – whose team actually lost 40-12 to Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh’s brother, Jim, and the Stanford Cardinal Monday night in the Discover Orange Bowl – trademarked the phrase. 

In order to secure the rights to "W.I.N." for the next two months, the Ravens donated to Foster’s Lunch Pail Defense Foundation, which awards scholarships to high school graduates who demonstrate hard work, character and determination to succeed.

"I think it’s important to share the connection between the football side of things with fans. ‘W.I.N.’ is all over our building," said Ravens Vice President of Marketing Gabrielle Dow, noting the signs that have hung at the Ravens’ training facility.  "Coach Harbaugh uses it as part of the mentality he wants to build for his team. 

"We want the fans to be able to participate in that and give them an inside look at the team."

According to Foster’s official website, "W.I.N." means: "To make change; to influence; to use this moment to be better than the last; to achieve greatness in all aspects of your life; win at home. Win at school. Win at business. Win at life."

The Ravens have embraced "W.I.N." ever since Harbaugh arrived in Baltimore three years ago. 

Among other mottos, there are placards around team headquarters emblazoned with the acronym, and players and coaches can be heard uttering those three words during routine press conferences.

The Ravens have used playoff slogans in the past, such as "What’s Our Name?" in 2008 and the "Play Like A Raven" campaign that lasted throughout all of 2009.

To get your official W.I.N. gear, go to the Ravens’ official merchandise store.

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