5 Ways To Clinch This Weekend

Even if the Ravens lose out, they’d still have an 89.3-percent chance for the playoffs.

Posted by Mike Duffy on Tuesday, December 21st, 2010 at 2:43 pm | Categories: Mike Duffy

There are five ways the Ravens can punch their playoff ticket this weekend, and the first is as easy as it gets.

Baltimore heads to the postseason for the third time in three years under Head Coach John Harbaugh with a victory or tie against the Cleveland Browns.

But even if they lose, the Ravens can make it with some help.

Here are four other scenarios that help the Ravens’ chances:

  • A Kansas City Chiefs loss + Jacksonville Jaguars loss or tie
  • A Chiefs loss + and Indianapolis Colts loss or tie
  • A San Diego Chargers loss or tie + Jaguars loss or tie
  • A Chargers loss or tie + Colts loss or tie

According to makeNFLplayoffs.com, a website that predicts a team’s chances to get to the playoffs with an accuracy of 0.01 percent, the Ravens’ win over the New Orleans Saints gave them a 97.3-percent shot at the postseason.

In addition, the site says the Ravens are playoff-bound if they split their final two contests.

Should the Ravens lose out, they would still have an 89.3-percent chance for the playoffs.

The Ravens also have an opportunity to take the AFC North crown if they finish 2-0 and the Pittsburgh Steelers lose either of their final two contests.

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