Reed: ‘Just Have To Be More Disciplined’

Ed Reed talks about the long touchdown that went to Andre Johnson in the first half.

Posted by Mike Duffy on Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 at 8:16 pm | Categories: Mike Duffy

The Ravens had the Houston Texans on the ropes in the first half of Monday night’s game with a 21-0 lead, but a long touchdown to Pro Bowl wideout Andre Johnson just as the first half ended put them right back in the game.

How could the Ravens allow a dynamic weapon like Johnson slip behind the defense for a 46-yard bomb, especially with 42 seconds left?

Safety Ed Reed put the blame on his shoulders.

The Ravens were playing a Cover-2 defense, and cornerback Josh Wilson released Johnson to Reed’s responsibility in the deep secondary.

When quarterback Matt Schuab began to scramble, Reed seemed to cheat up as Johnson kept sprinting down the sideline.

“As I stepped up, [Johnson] just kept trickling down the field,” explained Reed, who made a desperation leap for the pass as he attempted to recover.  “[I] just misjudged the ball. [I] probably should have stayed on my feet at that time, but thought I had a good chance to play it and just misjudged the ball.”

“I was running at an off-key position and just have to be more disciplined.”

Johnson also caught the game-tying touchdown with 21 seconds left in regulation, somehow getting open in the back of the end zone during another scramble play.

Reed was also the closest Raven on the Jacoby Jones touchdown midway through the fourth quarter where Jones got free near the right pylon.

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