Reed Takes It To The House

Despite off-field plights this week, Reed returned the biggest kickoff in Ravens history.

Posted by Mike Duffy on Tuesday, December 14th, 2010 at 2:18 am | Categories: 2010 Season, Mike Duffy, Week 14 at Texans

Big kickoff returns haven’t been a regular occurrence for the Ravens this year, but rookie David Reed had the biggest one in Ravens history in Monday’s 34-28 overtime victory in Houston.

Reed took the second-half kickoff 103 yards for a touchdown, putting the Ravens ahead of the Texans 28-7 and etching his name in franchise record books.

“I found myself open, because it was well-blocked,” said Reed.  “I just found a little lane, saw some daylight and hit it. I had to break a couple of tackles, but that was all she wrote.”

Reed took the Neil Rackers kickoff three yards deep in the end zone, took a few steps to his left and then burst up the right side.

Noting that he followed key blocks from cornerback Cary Williams and running back Jalen Parmele, Reed broke several tackles, including one where he had to steady himself with a hand on the ground as three Texans surrounded him.

Once he got past Baltimore’s 40-yard line, shaking off a Texans player grabbing at his foot, Reed was gone.

“It was a bounce play,” said Reed.  ”The whole game, they were pinching to their left, so it was a bounce play to the right.  I think I’ve got good balance, so I had to use that. Then just kept going as fast as possible.”

Reed’s composure was impressive considering the difficult week he’s had due to an investigation by Baltimore County police for “possible narcotics.”

The fifth-round draft pick out of Utah has come close to taking a kickoff to the house before.  In Week 11 against the Carolina Panthers, Reed logged an 84-yard kickoff return.

“I used to break them all the time in high school, but this hasn’t happened since then,” Reed said.  ”I definitely thought it was just going to be a matter of time before I broke one.  At this level, it’s all about the schemes, and we had a great scheme in this game.  In college, you can just run.

“Everything worked out tonight.”

The Ravens’ last kickoff return for a touchdown belongs to cornerback Lardarius Webb, who had a 95-yard score against the Denver Broncos on Nov. 11, 2009.

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