Redding Made The Coin Toss Call

Playing in front of his hometown crowd, DE Cory Redding has one of his best games.

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Cornerback Josh Wilson made the obvious play of the Monday night’s game.

But there was another, maybe Play of the Game II.

It was defensive end Cory Redding’s call on the overtime coin toss.

“I called tails at the beginning of the game and we lost it,” Redding said. “But I said tails never fails so we have to come back with it. I called tails again and we got it so it was awesome.”

The Ravens got the ball to start the overtime period, and although they didn’t score, it at least gave the Baltimore defense – which was clearly exhausted at the end of the fourth quarter – some rest.

“The play of the game might have been the toss,” Head Coach John Harbaugh said. “Our defense had been out there so much in the second half and we were tired. They were probably in a position to take advantage of that because their defense was fresh. That makes a big difference in overtime.”

Redding was a team captain because of his hometown ties to Texas. He was born and raised in Houston and attended college at the University of Texas.

The veteran defensive end played perhaps his best game as a Raven, notching a season-high five tackles and one sack for a loss of 12 yards. He led Baltimore with three quarterback hits.

Redding, who signed a two-year deal with the Ravens this past offseason, has three sacks on the season and two in the past two games. He last had three sacks in 2008 and his career high is eight in 2006 while with the Detroit Lions.

“It was awesome, just to lead my peers in battle,” Redding said. “Especially going back home and playing in front of my friends and family, everybody who was watching me since I was a little snot-nosed kid in Houston, it was great to have that support and to go out there and lead my guys. To go out there and fight the way we did, it was awesome.”

Redding walked out of Reliant Stadium smiling underneath a black cowboy hat. On the way out he saw ESPN analyst and former Lions General Manager Matt Millen, who complimented him on the look, saying, “You must be from Houston!”

It was clear, Redding was feeling at home.

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