Cameron Puts It On His Shoulders

Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron said, ‘You’re looking at the guy responsible.’

Posted by Ryan Mink on Friday, December 10th, 2010 at 3:30 pm | Categories: Ryan Mink

Ravens Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron stood at the microphone and faced every possible question about Baltimore’s loss to the Steelers and his offense’s shortcomings Friday.
He gave lengthy, detailed explanations and even probed reporters for follow-up questions.
Through the entire press conference, Cameron put it on his shoulders.
“When you’re in this business long enough, you’re going to get hit in the teeth every now and then,” Cameron said.
“No one wants to hear any excuses on why it happened. I know where the accountability lies on what happened. I’ve just been in it too long, it’s my responsibility. It’s my responsibility to get it fixed too. That’s the good news. I know how to get it fixed. … It was a heck of a blow the other night, but it wasn’t a fatal blow.”
Cameron has been getting roasted by fans and his play-calling was questioned immediately after the game.
He understands that’s part of a play-caller’s job, especially after a deflating 13-10 loss to the archrival Steelers in which his offense scored three points in the second half and fumbled late in the fourth quarter, setting up Pittsburgh’s game-winning touchdown.
But has he been unfairly criticized?
“Absolutely not,” Cameron said. “There’s nothing that’s been said that I wouldn’t have said.”
Cameron was specifically asked about the fourth quarter 2nd-and-5 play in which he called for a pass instead of a run while facing an all-out Pittsburgh blitz.
The Ravens were leading by four points with three minutes, 22 seconds remaining when quarterback Joe Flacco dropped back and was hit by unblocked safety Troy Polamalu from behind, causing the game-changing fumble.
“You’re looking at the guy responsible,” Cameron said. “There’s a flaw in that protection. We don’t have a protection where [No.] 43 [Troy Polamalu] comes unblocked. We don’t have a run play where 43 comes unblocked in that game. There are some cases where guys can be unblocked. Not him.
“There was a flaw there that I did not catch, for some reason. In 25 plus years, I’ve never seen that happen and it showed up at the worst time it possibly could have. It’s my job to catch that flaw and that flaw has been corrected.”
There has also been discontent about the Ravens’ offensive play as a whole. Baltimore, who added several offensive weapons this offseason, ranks 14th in the NFL in total offense and 17th in points per game.
“For whatever reason right now, it’s not where we want it to be,” Cameron said. “There’s glimpses of it, [but] we’re too inconsistent. You can’t be inconsistent and think you can score points.”
Cameron said it boils down to execution.
“When you have to execute better, that’s not just players executing better; that’s coaching better and coaching guys to execute better,” Cameron said. “I’m confident with the guys that we have and the staff that we have that we can get that done.”

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