Mason Adopts New Slogan

A bright purple banner conveyed Derrick Mason’s “We Are One” sentiments in the locker room.

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The banner hanging in Derrick Mason’s locker.

It was probably not a coincidence that Derrick Mason’s space locker had a large purple banner plastered on it when the locker room was opened for media access on Thursday.

Emblazoned with the phrase “Purple Ops” at the top, a military-style badge featuring a red fist clutching lightning bolts in the middle and “We Are One” at the bottom, Mason wants to make it clear that the Ravens are a team, not a fractured unit.

When asked about it by reporters, Mason smiled.

“We’re going to have t-shirts and everything,” said the loquacious wideout. “Y’all say we aren’t together? We’re together.”

Mason’s sign comes at a time when the Ravens are moving past an emotional loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Many fans in Baltimore have flooded message boards and talk radio with concerns about the state of their team.

The 14-year veteran said the Ravens have always believed in each other and will continue to do so.

“I think what’s been going on around here, especially in the last game and what’s transpired throughout the season, people are trying to divide not just the team, but the coaching staff, as well, pointing fingers from outside this building,” Mason explained. “We’re just letting people know that we’re a team. We’re in this together. As a city, we hope people are with us. That’s why it was made.”

Mason plans on distributing shirts to his teammates this week. No word on whether the banner will be a regular fixture.

In other Ravens branding news, Ray Lewis donned a t-shirt from his new apparel line, RL52 Style, during his session with the media.

Lewis plans on incorporating area schools in some of the company’s branding. Currently, RL52 Style has a fall sportswear collection, and there are designs on a corporate fashion line, as well.

“It’s a fun and interactive clothing line that I’m doing with my fans to make them a part of it,” Lewis said. “One of the huge things I’m getting ready to do in Baltimore is giving kids the opportunity to actually name what the clothing should be through the school system. It’s really a neat thing because it gets a lot of people involved.

“It’s just one of my companies that I’m really just having fun with.”

Portions of the proceeds from RL52 Style will be donated to the Ray Lewis Foundation.

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