Late for Work 11/29: Bucs’ Talib Furious With Officiating

Plus Carr said he was ‘cheap-shotted’ and does Ray owe Cory for knocking his pick loose?

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Bucs’ Talib Furious With Officiating

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were not happy with the officiating during their 17-10 loss to the Ravens Sunday afternoon.

Nobody expressed his displeasure more than Bucs safety Aqib Talib, the same player to make the acrobatic Joe Flacco interception with his calves. Tampa Bay reporters say Talib followed the referees after the game and got into a war of words outside the team’s locker room.

The argument revolved around the pass interference penalty against receiver T. J. Houshmandzadeh called by field judge Boris Cheek. The 24-yard penalty led to a Ravens touchdown and a 14-point lead at the half.

The exchange, as written by the Tampa Tribune’s Anwar Richardson, got heated when Talib yelled, "You made a (expletive) call."

One of the officials responded by saying, "You played like a (expletive)."

Richardson said Talib tried to charge the official and verbally threatened to punch him, but was held back by teammates.

When NFL Officiating Supervisor Neely Dunn was questioned about the incident, he replied, "We only make comments to the pool reporter when it’s about a call that was made on the field.

"So, we have no comment about whatever you’re talking about. That’s the only thing I’ll say right now. We have no comment about it. If you want to ask us about something that happened out on the field, we will entertain that. But, we’re not going to entertain what you’re talking about."

Talib declined to speak with reporters after the game and Bucs Head Coach Raheem Morris, who was shown on TV yelling at Cheek heading into halftime, said he was unaware of the postgame exchange.

Carr Was ‘Cheap-Shotted’, Calls for Fine

It was a relief to see Chris Carr, the most consistent cornerback to date this season, return to the field after being looked at by trainers on the sidelines, especially considering Le’Ron McClain, Michael Oher and Dawan Landry were all knocked out of the game.

The ending may not have been so happy, however, as Carr said he was "cheap-shotted" by Buccaneers safety Corey Lynch during a punt return in the second half. Standing away from the play, Carr said Lynch charged after him.

"I was just standing there when some guy came up and wanted to de-cleat me," Carr told MASN’s Dan Kolko. "Hopefully, he should get fined on that. That’s unnecessary. There should be a fine. He should get fined for that. Unbelievable. I haven’t gotten hit like that since college."

Asked who delivered the hit, Carr didn’t hesitate pointing out the third-year safety.

"It was No. 41," Carr said. "And you can write that down. Knocked the wind out of me. I couldn’t breathe. My hip, my side is hurting."

While feeling sore from the hit, Kolko said Carr "laughed off" the encounter and was in good spirits after the game. The Ravens starting corner said he expects to practice this week.

Lewis: Owe Redding For What?

The Ravens nearly put the game out of reach from the Buccaneers with defensive tackle Cory Redding’s dropped interception in the third quarter. The officials originally awarded Redding the pick, but the ruling was overturned upon review.

Redding looked to be getting the ball secured before an aggressive Ray Lewis tried to make a play too, but knocked into Redding and caused him to bobble the catch.

"Man, I had the ball in my hands right next to my body. One of my teammates came in, sure enough it was Ray Lewis, and stripped me of the ball. That’s right Ray, you stripped the ball," Redding told media, inciting laughter. "I had the interception, but it is all good. We won the game, and that’s all that matters."

So does Lewis owe Redding for affecting what could have been the first pick of Redding’s eight-year career?

"Owe him what?" Lewis asked. "We’re 8-3. I don’t have time to talk about anything else. We’re 8-3, bottom line, [and] it’s good to come in and play the way we did."

Boldin Calls Illegal Block ‘Bogus’

Questionable calls went against both teams yesterday. Running back Ray Rice’s 76-yard touchdown catch in the third quarter was negated by an illegal block call on Anquan Boldin.

Referees ruled that Boldin hit safety Sabby Piscitelli in the back on the play.

"That was a bogus call," Boldin told reporters after the game. "There’s no way you can explain to me that I was holding him."

Coach John Harbaugh agreed that the contact was slight, but said his team should try to avoid the mere appearance of a block in the back.

"There’s no reason to do that," Harbaugh said. "You just can’t block a guy in the back. I don’t care what the situation is. It was a tap. I don’t even think it affected the play at all, but you just can’t do it. You gave them the opportunity to make the call, and they made it."

It All Boils Down To This

Running back Ray Rice is already looking forward to next Sunday’s AFC North rival showdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"It all boils down to this," Rice said. "When you have the Steelers coming in here, it’s all set up to be a big game. The records are what they are, we’re both 8-3, and it’s no excuses."

After beating the Steelers at Heinz Field without quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (suspension), ESPN’s James Walker believes if the Ravens want to prove they are truly the best team in the division, they have to pull off a rare sweep. Walker notes Baltimore has only swept Pittsburgh once since 2000.

"For the Steelers, it’s fair to say they weren’t at full strength in their first meeting with Baltimore," Walker wrote. "But if Pittsburgh is really the dominant team in the AFC North, it must do what no opponent has done at M&T Bank Stadium this season: win. The Ravens are 5-0 at home.

"May the smartest and most physical team win."

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