Late For Work 11/18: Ex-Patriot Says Suggs Is ‘Overrated’

Plus Billick’s name oddly absent from coaching buzz and the biggest concern for Sunday.

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Ex-Patriot Says Suggs Is ‘Overrated’

Ravens linebacker/defensive end Terrell Suggs’ comment from Monday about the Patriots’ three Super Bowl Championships being "fake" made its way up to New England.

NECN, a regional cable television network owned by Comcast, and former Patriots wide receiver Troy Brown, who was a part of those three Super Bowls, fired back at Suggs yesterday.

"This is the same guy who gave up, what, a 20-point lead to the Patriots a few weeks ago?" Brown said (side note: it was a 10-point lead). "’The best defense alive,’ and that type of thing?

"He’s been overrated for a long time. He’s benefited from playing with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and all those guys, but there’s no way he can call our championships ‘fake.’"

Brown called Suggs "a Joey Porter type guy" who has pent up frustration because he hasn’t won a championship himself.

"He’s really frustrated because he has to go through New England or Pittsburgh or one of those teams that they have trouble beating to get to where he wants to be, and he’s taking it out on the Patriots for some reason," Brown said.

NECN did provide some fun entertainment.

Since Suggs compared the Patriots to the movie "Bring It On," the television network put together a movie poster of a sequel. It featured the faces of Suggs, Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and others photoshopped on top of the bodies of cheerleaders.

Here’s the video:

Billick’s Name ‘Oddly’ Absent from Coaching Buzz

With a head coaching vacancy possibly opening up at the end of the season in Dallas, several ex-head coaches’ names have surfaced as possible candidates for the position.

Former Ravens Head Coach Brian Billick is not one of them.

"I have not talked to Jerry Jones," Billick said via Pat McManamon of  "I have not talked to anybody in Dallas."

McManamon is surprised by the lack of interest in Billick because he has the same number of Super Bowl rings as other candidates like Mike Holmgren, Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy, and Jon Gruden.

"The buzz never seems to find Billick, whether it’s Dallas or Denver or Des Moines," wrote McManamon. "Since he was fired as coach of the Baltimore Ravens following the 2007 season, he has had only a couple opportunities to return to coaching, despite a resume that warrants another chance."

Billick says he doesn’t know why the buzz avoids him, but did mention he has spoken with a few unnamed teams about potential positions. Billick would like to get back into coaching, but it would have to be the right situation.

He admits that the great situation he had in Baltimore, working with Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome, affects his thinking.

"When you have a ring, it’s a different perspective," Billick said. "When you’ve been in the right situation with the right people and you have a ring, it really is all about the partnership. You can win anywhere, but it’s really about what kind of partnership does a team want to put together? The conversations I’ve had — initial conversations with a couple teams — it was apparent the partnership they were looking for was not a good fit, for them or for me."

Panthers Run Game Concerns Ravens Most

The Carolina Panthers have the NFL’s 24th-ranked rushing offense, and they’ve officially placed running back DeAngelo Williams on Injured Reserve, but when Head Coach John Harbaugh was asked what aspect of Carolina’s team concerns him the most, he pointed to the Panthers’ running game, explained MASN’s Dan Kolko.

"They run the ball as well as anybody in the league," Harbaugh told reporters. "Offensive line, combination blocks, gap-scheme combination blocks where the linemen are working together to knock the defensive linemen off the ball into the backers, and the zone schemes where they’re stepping outside to knock the defensive linemen off the ball into the backers.

"They probably do that better than anybody in the league right now. So, the run game is going to be the bottom line."

Eisenberg: Ravens ‘Pulled Muscles’ Complimenting Panthers

The Ravens are determined to not underestimate this week’s opponent, the 1-8 Panthers. 

That became evident to’s John Eisenberg while interviewing the team yesterday.

"The Ravens tried so hard to compliment the Carolina Panthers [yesterday] that you could swear they pulled some muscles in the process," wrote Eisenberg.

He added that while the Panthers are capable of an upset, it doesn’t alter the fact that the Ravens will line up against what he called "a lower-rung team."

"But as the Ravens learned three weeks ago when they played the Buffalo Bills, there are times when complimenting a losing opponent is a lot easier than actually going out and backing up what you say – i.e., giving them you’re ‘A’ game on Sunday because you believe they’re such a threat," the columnist wrote.

That’s why the biggest challenge, says Eisenberg, will be the Ravens’ mental approach. They must muster up the same enthusiasm they would for an AFC North rival.

"We have to keep our level of play up. We’ve got to go in as pissed off as they are," Lewis told the media. "Their record is whatever it is; our record is whatever it is. But the bottom line, the person who wins on Sunday comes out with a certain mentality to win."

Stallworth Prepared To Return Punts

Harbaugh has already said Donte’ Stallworth is a candidate to return punts. Now, Stallworth confirmed to the Baltimore Sun’s Edward Lee that he’s prepared to do so if called upon.

"I’ve been working on it even before I came back," said Stallworth, who missed the team’s first seven games because of an injured foot. "That’s just a matter of me having to get back into the flow of things, getting back to being comfortable catching punts. So as far as an actual game, if they need me, of course I’ll do it."

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