Cantwell Gives Inside Info On Panthers

It’s been a busy week for the Ravens’ practice-squadder, as he preps for his former team.

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Ravens practice-squad quarterback Hunter Cantwell has been busy lately.

As Baltimore prepares to take on the Carolina Panthers Sunday, Cantwell is not only playing his usual role as scout-team impressionist, but he also sat down with Head Coach John Harbaugh to offer first-hand information about his former team.

“He’s helped us. I’m sure [the Panthers] expect that,” Head Coach John Harbaugh said. “We met with him long and hard on Monday and Tuesday. The guys don’t remember as much sometimes as you’d like for them to.

“He didn’t bring a notebook. We did ask about that. He didn’t get one out of there,” Harbaugh added with a chuckle.

Cantwell, an undrafted free agent out of Louisville, spent about a year and a half with Carolina, serving on [ADD] their practice squad until getting cut with the Panthers’ final roster moves just out of training camp.

The 6-foot-4, 235-pounder was immediately signed to the Ravens’ practice squad to provide insurance behind Joe Flacco and Marc Bulger.

Nowhere has Cantwell’s influence been felt more than this week.

“The coaches wanted me to come in and watch film with them and just talk about some of the things that I had seen while I was there,” Cantwell said. “But, it’s funny, nothing is hidden in this league. Talking to Harbaugh and [Offensive Coordinator Cam] Cameron, before I had even said a word out of my mouth, they pretty much already had everything on paper that I would tell them. That’s a testament to them and how well they prepare. I wanted to do my part to help, but everything that I had to say the coaches already had down.”

Cantwell had some interesting notes for the Ravens’ defense, as well.

With Carolina likely starting rookie Tony Pike in lieu of concussed rookie Jimmy Clausen, Cantwell has a brief background check on each player.

“You can tell right away, they’re both real talented guys,” Cantwell said. “Tony is a taller guy but he’s pretty mobile, and Jimmy coming in with the pedigree and the knowledge of the game. They’re both really good quarterbacks.”

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