Landry: ‘I Wish I Had That One Back’

Known for his hitting, safety Dawan Landry uncharacteristically went low and missed.

Posted by Ryan Mink on Saturday, November 13th, 2010 at 11:21 am | Categories: Ryan Mink

Ravens safety Dawan Landry is known for his physical style, which made his missed tackle Thursday night all the more out of character.

“I didn’t get a good wrap on him,” Landry said, according to RavensInsider Aaron Wilson. “Yeah, I wish I had that one back.”

Falcons fullback Jason Snelling was wide-open in the flats on what looked to be a missed assignment. Snelling, a 5-foot-11, 223-pound wrecking ball, picked up a full head of steam along the sideline on a collision course with Landry.

An NFL Network replay showed Snelling yelling as he charged at Landry.

When the two met at about the 5-yard line, Landry went for Snelling’s legs instead of pushing him out of bounds. Landry glanced off Snelling’s thigh and fell to his ankle, which Landry could only hold onto for a second before Snelling hopped free and somersaulted into the end zone.

Snelling’s 28-yard score put the Falcons ahead, 7-0, in the second quarter.

“Being a running back, that is a play they ask me to make,” Snelling said. “I decided to put my shoulder down and I was able to get into the end zone.”

Landry ranks second behind linebacker Ray Lewis with 61 tackles this season. The veteran safety finished second on the team with 82 tackles in 2009.

For the most part, the tackling issues the Ravens had in the secondary versus Buffalo haven’t been seen during the past two games. Landry’s rare miss was the exception.

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