At First Glance At Falcons writers give their first impressions of the Ravens’ 26-21 loss.

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John Eisenberg:  The Ravens had one of their best wins of the season in their hands but let it slip away. They were outplayed for most of the night but showed a lot of guts in coming from 13-0 down to take the lead with a minute to go, Joe Flacco was brilliant in the second half, leading three long touchdown drives, including two in the final minutes. But the final one came too soon. The Ravens had struggled all night to contain Matt Ryan, and he led the Falcons 80 yards to the winning score. The big play was a 24-yard completion on a third-and-10 at the start of the drive. The Falcons had 80 yards to go. The Ravens should win it there. But Ryan beat them. In all, an emotional night — great comeback, tough loss, and in the end, the Ravens walk off with their heads up.

Mike Duffy: After watching the Falcons hold on to the ball for as long as they did early in the game, after watching Joe Flacco and the offense sputter, after watching Lardarius Webb fumble away a punt return, who would have thought the Ravens would be in the position they were when Todd Heap secured that touchdown pass at the 1:05 mark?  Still, it wasn’t enough, as Matt Ryan simply had too much time on the clock to engineer a game-wining drive to rival Flacco’s.  When Josh Wilson slipped while covering Roddy White on Atlanta’s final pass play, the clincher was a simple game of pitch-and-catch.

Ryan Mink: What a game. The Ravens took the Falcons’ best punch and still nearly pulled off a win in the Georgia Dome – a place where Matt Ryan is now 18-1 in his career. Speaking of Ryan, you just have to tip your hat to the guy. He was 32-of-50 for 316 yards and three touchdowns. I haven’t watched all of his games, but this has to be one of his best – ever. Baltimore’s defense couldn’t get off the field when it needed to most throughout the night, spoiling an offensive comeback. The way the offense played late gives hope that it can pull off comebacks like that later this season if needed.

Sarah Ellison: The Ravens’ attempt at a big-time comeback from an Atlanta dominated first-half came up short in front of a national audience.  You have to hand it to a Ravens’ offense that struggled sustaining drives in the first two quarters, but scored 21 second-half points. The offense regrouped behind the impassioned Anquan Boldin, the elusive Ray Rice and a suddenly in-rhythm Flacco.  But in the end, the defense couldn’t stop quarterback Matt Ryan from orchestrating a 80-yard touchdown drive in 45 seconds.

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