Late For Work 11/10: King Reveals Ozzie’s Offer For Ryan In ’08

Also the newest Power Rankings and Fabian Washington predicts Josh Wilson to start.

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King Reveals Ozzie’s Offer For Ryan In ’08

Most already know General Manager Ozzie Newsome tried to trade up in the 2008 draft to beat the Atlanta Falcons in picking Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan. But, most don’t know the details of the offer.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, who was in Atlanta for the drafting of Ryan, explained that Newsome offered the St. Louis Rams picks in the first, second and fourth rounds in 2008, plus a third round pick in 2009, all for the Rams’ second-overall choice.

Had the deal been accepted by the Rams, Baltimore would have taken Ryan and Atlanta would have drafted defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey, according to King.

One could scratch their head at the Rams for turning down such a lucrative offer. They clearly valued defensive end Chris Long more than three extra bodies. But, in the end, it turned out well for the Ravens.

Essentially, the Ravens would have given up Joe Flacco (first round), Ray Rice (second round), Marcus Smith or David Hale (fourth round) and Lardarius Webb (2009 third round) for Ryan. Of course, Newsome could have maneuvered to get some of those picks back, but those were the players actually selected with those picks.

“So believe me, Atlanta’s happy Baltimore didn’t make the deal, and Baltimore’s happy the Rams didn’t take the deal.” King wrote. “Baltimore has Flacco and Rice. Atlanta has Ryan. Both teams are living happily ever after.”

“Happily ever after” is right.’s Ryan Mink will give an in-depth analysis, comparing the two quarterbacks later today. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say their careers have been freakishly similar up to this point. In the end, the Ravens didn’t have to sacrifice other players to find their franchise quarterback.

Flacco owns a Ravens’ franchise-record 8,501 yards and he moved into second place on the Ravens’ all-time touchdown pass list last Sunday vs. Miami (47 career touchdowns). Most importantly, in 2009, Flacco, not Ryan, became just the fourth starting quarterback since the 1970 merger to reach the playoffs in his first two NFL seasons.

As President Dick Cass said about hiring Head Coach John Harbaugh instead of the Cowboys’ Jason Garrett, sometimes the best deal is the one you didn’t make.

Who will have the better Thursday night: Flacco or Ryan?

Under the current NFL scheduling format, Flacco and Ryan will only faceoff three non-Super Bowl times from now until 2018.

That makes Thursday’s matchup extra special. In their first head-to-head matchup, who will have the better night?

ESPN’s Tim Hasselbeck believes Ryan, who is 17-1 at home, will come out on top.

“Matt Ryan has been so good in Atlanta,” Hasselbeck said. “He has been so tough to beat in Atlanta. I think going on the road is going to be tough for Joe Flacco and that Baltimore Raven team.

“Everyone talks about how good these AFC teams are. I think people are overlooking the NFC South teams. The Atlanta Falcons are certainly a team that I think can play with anybody, especially when they are playing at home. I think Matt Ryan ends up having the better night.”

Week 9 Power Rankings

Winning five of its past six, Baltimore (6-2) didn’t rank lower than No. 2 in any of the power rankings listed below.

After all the tie-breaking procedures, the Atlanta Falcons (6-2) are officially the top team in the league right now. But, they haven’t made believers out of the analysts just yet. The Falcons are ranked as low as No. 11, but as high as No. 3.

ESPN: Ravens top the power rankings, up from No. 2 last week. The Patriots’ loss to the Browns sent them spiraling from No. 1 to No. 6. Ouch. The Steelers and Falcons round out the Top 3.
USA Today: Ravens are ranked No. 2, up from No. 4 last week. USA Today writers maintain the Steelers and are better than the Ravens. This week’s opponent, the Falcons, are No. 5. Ravens are ranked No. 3, up from No. 5 last week.  The Giants and Jets hold the top two spots, while the Falcons are No. 5. Ravens are ranked No. 2, up from No. 4 last week. The Giants lead the way in Pete Prisco’s list. The Falcons are nipping at the Ravens’ heels at No. 3.’s Jason La Canfora: Ravens are ranked No. 1, same as last week. Five weeks running, Jason La Canfora stands by the Ravens at the top of the leaderboard. He’s not a believer in the Falcons, who are listed at No. 11. Mike Florio ranked the Ravens No. 1, up from No. 2 last week. Florio says every team should celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their first Super Bowl win by trying to do it again. Falcons are No. 6.’s Peter King: Ravens are ranked No. 1, up from No. 3 last week.  Falcons are No.  7.

Washington Predicts Wilson Will Start

Neither Harbaugh nor Josh Wilson is willing to say who will be the starting cornerback for Thursday night, but Fabian Washington says Wilson will likely get the starting nod.

“I don’t know. I really don’t. I think they’re leaning toward Josh,” Washington told MASN’s Dan Kolko. “So, that’s what I’m thinking. I’m not sure.”

Washington has been benched in the team’s last two games, and both times, he was replaced by Wilson.  Even so, Wilson wasn’t so sure Coach Harbaugh was leaning his way.

“The only thing I’ve warranted is to make sure I can come back here every day and have a locker and I get to see ya’ll walking around the locker room,” Wilson told reporters. “The one thing about this league is it’s a league where you go out and perform to the best of your ability every day, and you let the cards fall where they may.”

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