Harbaugh Backs McClain

“I don’t believe for one second that it happened,” said Harbaugh of spitting accusation.

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Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh doesn’t believe that fullback Le’Ron McClain spit on Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder, despite the loquacious Crowder’s profanity-laced accusations after Baltimore’s 26-10 win on Sunday.

“We’ve heard a lot of things from Channing over the years,” Harbaugh said Monday. “But I talked to Le’Ron, I’ve seen the videotape of it. It didn’t happen. Here’s a guy, he’s a captain at Alabama, he’s a Pro Bowler, been nothing but a model guy here for us.

“I don’t believe for one second that it happened. He might have thought it happened, but it wasn’t the way it was described. We’re past that. That’s history.”

McClain also proclaimed his innocence for the second consecutive day, even after he was shown a video of him jawing with Crowder on the field, an exchange that eventually included Ravens receiver Derrick Mason and caused Willis McGahee to hold a visibly agitated Crowder back. 

“You can see it on the film,” McClain said. “Somebody just sent me the tape. Nothing against the guy. I did not spit on the guy. We were talking. He said stuff to me I didn’t want to hear, I said stuff he didn’t want to hear. It’s football. The heat of the game. Nothing against him. I’m on to Atlanta right now.”

McClain was told by reporters that the tape showed him rearing his head back, but the four-year veteran replied, “That’s just me talking. You can’t see spit coming out of my mouth or anything. We’ll see what happens.”

Crowder was animated after the game, telling reporters to make sure they wrote down his statements before railing against McClain.

“That’s Channing Crowder. That’s that guy,” McClain said.  “Whatever he does, he’s his own man. I would have handled it a different way if I was in his shoes, not doing that. That’s just embarrassing to yourself and your organization. If that was the case, I would try to settle it on the field.

“At the end of the day when the whistle is blown and there’s triple zeroes on the clock, all of us are football players in the NFL.”

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis said he cautions the younger players on the team to avoid those types of situations.

“Anytime you’re going through the course of a game like that, something is going to jump off like that,” Lewis noted.  “We need to be the ones with the cool heads and not get the 15-yard [penalties] and things like that, and not push us back and make us fall out of position to score.”

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