Ravens Seek Answers On Ngata Flag

Haloti Ngata was penalized for roughing the passer late in Sunday’s win over Miami.

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Following Baltimore’s 26-10 win over the Miami Dolphins, Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh said he is looking for clarification on Haloti Ngata’s roughing the passer penalty late in the game.

On fourth-and-7 during the Dolphins’ final drive of the day, Ngata got past the offensive line and tackled quarterback Chad Henne as Henne was releasing the football.

Ngata seemed to hit Henne in the NFL-mandated “strike zone” between the shoulders and the thighs, but he earned a 15-yard personal foul for roughing the passer, giving Miami a new set of downs.  Referee John Parry said on the field that Ngata led with the crown of his helmet.

“I don’t know what the rule is. I don’t want to get fined here,” Harbaugh said in his post-game press conference.  ”But, I don’t know what the ruling is. I don’t know how to coach our guys after that call. I’ll be looking forward to hearing what the answer is.

“It’s confusing right now, to be honest.”

As is a weekly practice, Harbaugh and his staff will compile tape of plays to send to the NFL league office for explanation.  Ngata’s penalty will likely be on that list.

The Ravens were flagged for roughing the passer in Week 2 when Terrell Suggs took down Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer because Suggs drove Palmer into the ground with his body weight, according to a pool report with referee Gene Steratore.

That penalty led to a game-winning field goal.

This time, Henne was intercepted by Ravens cornerback Josh Wilson on the ensuing play to seal the victory.

Ngata said he hopes to avoid a fine for the second time in his career.  Ngata was fined last year for roughing the passer when he was flagged for touching New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s helmet.

“I’m hoping the NFL realized we won the game and they turned off the film,” said Ngata.

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