Mason On Crowder: ‘He’s Weak Link’

Derrick Mason’s four receptions for 41 yds and a TD showed he’s not such an “old guy.”

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Leading up to the Ravens’ 26-10 win over the Miami Dolphins, Channing Crowder’s characterization of Derrick Mason as “the old guy” rubbed the 36-year-old receiver the wrong way.

Mason paid Crowder back with a stellar performance at M&T Bank Stadium, scoring one touchdown on a four-catch, 42-yard day.

The two feisty competitors also traded barbs on the field, but it was Mason who got the better of the situation.

“The first stage of respect is don’t disrespect your opponent, and he disrespected his opponent early in the game,” said Mason, who owns eight 1,000-yard receiving seasons over the past nine years. “You gotta be able to back up your talk, and the guy just didn’t back it up.  He was out there talking and woofing, and we had to put him out of the game.

“Hopefully after this game, he’ll sit back and realize what type of player he truly is.  He is not one of the elite players in the game.”

That was just a start to Mason’s post-game media session.

Mason held at least three separate pow-wows with reporters in the Ravens’ locker room, and each time his main message was directed at Crowder.

“He kept on throwing soft jabs on the field, and we just kept on hitting him harder,” Mason said. “Eventually, he fell. It’s kind of like one of [Muhammad] Ali’s fights. Keep on talking, ‘What’s my name? What’s my name?’ And every time I looked up, that guy was either on the ground, getting pushed out of bounds, Willis [McGahee] stiff-armed him.

“Honestly, he’s basically a weak link of their defense. They have a very good defense, but he’s not good for them.”

Three of Mason’s four grabs went for first downs, including a critical 10-yard catch on a third-and-10 that continued a scoring drive in the first quarter. In the third quarter, Mason ran a textbook post route to shake cornerback Vontae Davis and hauled in his second score of the season.

Quarterback Joe Flacco said he knew that Mason saw Crowder’s original statements, but the situation didn’t affect how much Flacco looked for No. 85.

“I saw a piece of paper in the locker room one day with what Channing Crowder had said, and I’m like, ‘Oh, here they go trying to motivate us,’” Flacco said jokingly.  “Derrick, I think, just laughed at all that stuff.  We all know he’s old.”

Then, Flacco got serious.

“But he’s one hell of a receiver, and he’s been my guy for three years now, and that’s what he’s going to do out there,” the young passer concluded.

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