Late for Work 10/29: Poll: Should Joe Keep Jersey Shore Haircut?

Sub: Plus scouting the AFC North as the Ravens rest and backup quarterback rankings.

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Poll: Should Joe Keep Jersey Shore Haircut?

Joe Flacco's New Haircut

It’s not just a bye week for the players, but it’s a bye week for the media too.

But, at least Joe Flacco’s Jersey Shore themed Halloween hair cut has made its way into the national spotlight.

ESPN’s First Take appreciated the irony of “Joe Cool” sporting a hairdo that represents a drama-filled TV show phenomenon.

But not everyone had the same appreciation. As Flacco told host Jay Crawford, his “unexpected” costume choice had Ravens coaches thinking their typically low-key quarterback lost his mind.

“I think the coaches were the guys who really didn’t know how to handle it,” Flacco said. “I think they thought I was just going crazy. They couldn’t tell if I was just going crazy or having fun or what.”

But Flacco’s teammates responded well, and even urged their offensive leader to keep the new style.

“I love it,” said Todd Heap. “I think it fits him perfectly, he’s a Jersey guy.”

“I’m trying to get him to wear it for the rest of the year,” said Anquan Boldin. “You know, switch up the designs a little bit, but keep that overall haircut for the rest of the year.”

Should Joe Flacco keep his "Jersey Shore" haircut?

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Despite countrywide attention and adoration from teammates, Flacco isn’t attached to his new fade or the commotion that comes with it. Flacco told Crawford he will be back to his normal cut by the time the Ravens play the Miami Dolphins after the bye.

But what do you think?

Are you on the side of the players and think Flacco should keep the Jersey Shore ‘do? Or are you more like the coaches, who didn’t know how to respond to the change, and would be fine to see it go?

One issue that doesn’t need debating is who has the better abs: the Ravens quarterback or “The Situation?”

Flacco already put that dispute to rest by saying, “He definitely has the better abs. I wasn’t showing [my abs] off in any pictures or anything like that.”

Scouting the AFC North As Ravens Rest

While the Raves enjoy their Sunday off, AFC North rivals will be fighting to improve their standings in the division.

The Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1) currently hold a half-game advantage over Baltimore, but hope to extend that lead to a full game by beating the defending Super Bowl champions New Orleans Saints (4-3). A Steelers loss would create a tie between the two division foes at the top of the leader board, but the Ravens, who beat Pittsburgh earlier this season, would hold the tie-breaking advantage.

The Cleveland Browns shocked the Saints last week, with a 30-17 upset.  The Browns will have either helped Pittsburgh by exposing the Saints, or hurt the Steelers by providing a wakeup call for Drew Brees and Co., says ESPN’s James Walker,

This is a high-profile matchup of the past two Super Bowl champions — and only one will prevail,” wrote Walker. “Will it be the Steelers, who narrowly escaped last week’s game against the Miami Dolphins thanks to a controversial call late in the fourth quarter? Or will the reigning champion Saints right the ship at home?”

According to Countdown Daily’s AccuScore, the Steelers are 51 percent favorites.

As far as the rest of the division is concerned, the Browns (2-5) will also enjoy this weekend off, but the Bengals (2-4) will take on the Dolphins at home. You can be sure the Ravens will be watching that game to glean any nuggets about Miami for their contest next week.

Quick Hits

  • Nate Davis ranked the league’s backup quarterbacks and put the Ravens’ Marc Bulger at No. 5 behind the Eagles’ Kevin Kolb, the Dolphins’ Chad Pennington, the Steelers’ Byron Leftwich and the Titans’ Kerry Collins. [USA Today]
  • First, fullback Le’Ron McClain solicited votes, now its tackle Michael Oher’s turn. “Pro Bowl voting time!” tweeted Oher. “Hit me up!” [Twitter]
  • The league is having an “unprecedented” conference call Friday for every member of every officiating team. The purpose of the call is twofold: to serve as a pep talk, but also to clean up mistakes by the officials. []
  • Stats aren’t everything…The San Diego Chargers are No. 1 in the NFL right now in total offense and total defense. How is it that they are just 2-5? []
  • tommyzbikowski: Working hard rehabbing and the foot is getting better each day…Need some ideas for a Halloween costume, any suggestions? [Twitter]
  • Head Coach John Harbagauh talks Ravens’ bye week. []

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