Cameron Debunks Rumors and Reports

Cam Cameron responded to multiple rumors and defended his play-calling vs. the Patriots.

Posted by Mike Duffy on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 at 2:24 pm | Categories: Mike Duffy

Even though pundits and fans have criticized the Ravens this week for a perceived conservative offensive approach late in their loss to the New England Patriots, Coordinator Cam Cameron refutes that notion.

In getting the ball into the hands of one of their top playmakers, Ray Rice, Cameron believes the Ravens kept attacking.

“Everybody has a view of that,” Cameron said Thursday. “Sometimes plays, the way they turn out, kind of look conservative. [But] I learned this back with LaDainian [Tomlinson, former Chargers running back], handing the ball to Ray Rice is not conservative.”

After the Patriots tied the game at 20 in the fourth quarter and into overtime, the explosive Rice touched the football on nine of 16 offensive snaps, with two other passes to him falling incomplete.

Still, the Ravens mustered only two first downs on their last four series, and the Patriots ended up kicking a game-winning field goal.

“There’s a mindset that passing is aggressive and running is conservative, when in reality, depending on your personnel, it’s really not the case,” said Cameron. “We don’t want to be conservative, but we want to be … aggressive and smart, and then execute at the same time.”

Cameron later responded to a report that he and Flacco had a sit-down to discuss differences in play-calling.

“There was no big meeting with me and Joe,” Cameron said. “There was a conversation between me and Joe after every game like there always is. And that’s exactly what I said – because I believe it – I said, ‘Joe, I could have helped you better. I could have helped you better at times in that game.’ That’s my job. My job is to help the quarterback as much as I can to help this offense. And Joe said to me, ‘No, I could have done a better job.’

“And that’s the relationship that you have with your quarterback. The coordinator feels like he can do a better job, and the quarterback thinks he can do a better job. And that’s how you become a great offense. That’s what’s going to make us special.”

As to whether Flacco was told where to throw the ball in specific situations down the stretch – instead of running through all of his reads – Cameron said that is also a false report.

“That has not been done,” Cameron said. “We don’t do that. Joe knows how to read defenses. He knows he has multiple options. To my knowledge, it’s inaccurate because it didn’t come from me. I know it didn’t come from Jim [Zorn, quarterbacks coach].

“In no way shape or form [do I] think anybody is doing that.”

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