Late For Work 10/13: Look On Steelers Fans’ Faces – Priceless

Plus how Moss’ loss affects Pats and the Ravens’ popularity is growing.

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Look On Steelers Fans’ Faces – Priceless

The last time I used a picture to lead Late for Work was when linebacker/defensive end Terrell Suggs leaped, ballerina style, in front of the offense’s team shot in 2009. Fans ate it up.

On a relatively slow news day, I couldn’t resist this picture from The Flock message boards posted by Sharkey last night.

After receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh caught the game-winning touchdown pass against the Steelers with 32 seconds remaining, No. 84 said “I like playing against teams that got good defenses because they talk a lot. …They’re not gonna scare me.”

No, but Houshmandzadeh sure seemed to scare Steelers fans, who looked absolutely traumatized when he saluted them at Heinz field.

Let’s see who can come up with the best photo caption for this one. In the meantime, here’s Sharkey’s description.

Tickets for the game – $175.00
Gas to drive to Pittsburgh – $40.00
Hotdog, beer and peanuts – $25.00

The look on Pittsburgh fan faces after B’more takes it in their house – Priceless!!

Foolish To Think Patriots Are Weaker Without Moss

When receiver Deion Branch reunited with his former team in New England yesterday, he had a specific message to deliver.

“That’s the first thing I want to let you all know,” Branch said. “I’m not here to replace Randy. I’m not Randy Moss. I wasn’t Randy Moss when I was here and I’m not here to replace him.”

Branch isn’t Moss, but Head Coach John Harbaugh said his team will prepare for the matchup against New England as if Moss was still there.

“I don’t think they’re going to be changing anything,” Harbaugh said on his show Tuesday night. “They’ll have the same plays, the same terminology. They’re just going to put Deion Branch in there. … It doesn’t change that much for us. We have to play the same coverages the same way.”

Harbaugh has the right mindset as far as The Baltimore Sun’s Peter Schmuck is concerned. In fact, Schmuck believes there is a chance New England is more dangerous without Moss because “the best-coached NFL team” just got rid of a divisive figure.

“It’s also tempting to look at the trade as a huge break for the Ravens,” Schmuck wrote. “They won’t have to worry about [Moss] anymore, but they might have to deal with a higher level of offensive unpredictability from the Patriots and their grouchy game-planning wizard.”

Of course, even the Patriots can’t predict possible new chemistry issues. That was the problem the Vikings dealt with in Moss’ debut performance during Minnesota’s losing effort to the Jets Monday night.

“It was obvious that Brett Favre and the Vikings were totally out of sync until Favre hooked up with Moss on a long touchdown late in the third quarter,” Schmuck said.

Week 5 Power Rankings

For ESPN, the “Roethlisberger factor” continues to be a big deal. They still have the Steelers ranked above the Ravens. I just wonder what they will say if the Steelers lose with Big Ben back. This week’s matchup vs. the Browns may not render such a result, but after that comes three consecutive road games to Miami, New Orleans and Cincinnati.

Generally, various websites have the Ravens, Steelers and Jets in their top three with a few slight changes in the order.

  • ESPN: Ravens (4-1) are ranked No. 2, up from No. 6 last week. The Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1) are No. 1 while the Jets (4-1) are No. 3.
  • USA Today: Ravens are ranked No. 2, same as last week.  The Jets remain atop the USA Today list, with the Steelers moving up a spot to No. 3 despite not playing last weekend.
  •  Mike Florio ranked the Ravens No. 2 behind the Jets. Florio has the same top three as USA Today – Jets, Ravens and Steelers.
  • Ravens are ranked No. 1, same as last week.   The Steelers and Jets are ranked Nos. 2 and 3, respectively.
  • Ravens are ranked No. 1, same as last week. Pete Prisco switches things up a bit by throwing the Falcons (4-1) at No. 2. Then the Jets and Steelers come in at Nos. 3 and 4, respectively.
  •’s Jason La Canfora: Ravens are ranked No. 1, up from No. 3. Steelers are No. 2 while the Jets are No. 3.
  •’s Peter King: Ravens are the top dog. And, you guessed it, the Jets and Steelers follow.

Ravens More Popular Than Ever, 19th Overall

Baltimore may be getting the respect in power rankings, but according to a poll conducted by Harris Interactive, the Ravens are only the 19th-most popular NFL team.

The 19th spot was a jump from last year’s popularity poll when the Ravens came in at No. 26, and they are gradually gaining popularity as the young franchise builds history.

The Cowboys were No. 1 with the Colts, Packers, Steelers and Saints to follow. A total of 2,620 adults responded to the survey between Sept. 14 and Sept. 20.

Here is the Ravens’ popularity over the last nine years:

2002 — 32nd
2003 — 25th
2004 — 29th
2005 — 28th
2006 — 30th
2007 — 27th
2008 — 28th
2009 — 26th
2010 — 19th

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