Ravens Prep For Batman & Robin

Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens will give the Ravens a tougher test than Week 1.

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Ravens cornerback Fabian Washington can see the bat signal over Cincinnati.

Here come Batman and Robin, a.k.a. Bengals receivers Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco.

“Yeah I’ve heard [the nickname],” Washington said with a laugh. “That’s them. This is our challenge this week, the Cincinnati Bengals receiving corps.”

While the Ravens’ secondary ruled the day against the Jets in Week 1, holding New York to just 60 passing yards on 21 passing attempts, the Bengals’ wideouts bring on a greater challenge.

The Owens and Ochocinco duo lead the NFL in combined receiving yards (25,115), receptions (1,709) and touchdowns (207). Simply said, statistics suggest they’re the best combo in the league.

“You can say it, it’s that simple; they’re better than the Jets receiving corps,” Washington said. “I don’t expect to hold these guys to 70 yards passing. But as long as we don’t let the ball go over our head, we should have a lot of success against their offense.”

Owens and Ochocinco are both playmakers. According to Washington and safety Tom Zbikowski, Ochocinco is a slick route-runner who has impeccable timing with quarterback Carson Palmer. Owens is still the fast, strong receiver he’s always been.

“You really don’t have to watch them on film to know about them because they’ve been around for so long and they’ve done so well without playing with each other,” Washington said. “Them playing with each other just makes them that much better.”

Ochocinco gave the Ravens’ secondary props during his conference call with the Baltimore media this week. However, on Friday he Tweeted, “I will destroy the Ravens secondary.”

Washington said he laughs at Ochocinco’s Tweets and that he’s not going to let him get in his head. Last year, Ochocinco caught 12 passes for 160 yards against the Ravens in two matchups.

“On Sunday you can’t hide,” Washington said. “There’s no jokes on Sunday.”

Owens and Ochocinco aren’t the only weapons Baltimore has to prepare for, however. In addition to signing Owens, Cincinnati also drafted tight end Jermaine Gresham in the first round and slot receiver Jordan Shipley in the third.

Shipley, Gresham, Owens and Ochocinco combined for 30 receptions, 319 yards and two touchdowns against the New England Patriots in Week 1.

“We had good coverage last week and we just want to show that we can do it this week too,” Zbikowski said. “We want to make it rough for them. If they do catch it, they’re going to pay for it.”

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