Late For Work 9/16: Ray Lewis III Totals 504 Yards In One Game

Plus the secondary hasn’t been tested yet and where the Ravens receivers rank.

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Ray Lewis III Totals 504 Yards In One Game

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis had a statement game vs. the Jets Monday night, erasing any doubts that the “old man” can still deliver a decleating hit.

But as great as the outing was, it wasn’t the top Ray Lewis performance of the week.

That honor belongs to his son, Ray Lewis III.

Lake Mary Prep sophomore Lewis III racked up 504 total yards last weekend, leading his high school team to a 34-7 victory.

You read that correctly, there was no typo – one player totaled 504 yards.

And nobody was more proud of Lewis’ performance than his father. Lewis II jumped at the chance to brag about his son’s laurels during the inaugural Rich Eisen podcast yesterday.

“He told me that he was going to set the bar high this weekend and he did,” Lewis II said. “He’s special.”

And that’s an understatement.

Lewis III registered 206 yards and two touchdowns on punt returns, 101 on kickoff returns, 104 rushing, 27 receiving and 66 on passing, where he completed 6 of 6 attempts, according to The Orlando Sentinel.

On defense, the young man added six tackles and a pass deflection.

Curious as to what Ray Lewis the fatherly spectator is like? Eisen was too, so he asked.

“Oh my goodness Rich, stop it!” Lewis II said. “I’m yelling at every call.”

“So you’re that dad, huh?” Eisen asked.

“Yes, yes.  I’m on the sideline, I’m yelling. I’m the loudest voice out there,” Lewis admitted.

Secondary Hasn’t Been Tested Yet

After one week of regular-season action, the most picked-on unit of the offseason, the Ravens secondary, suddenly finds itself on top of league in pass defense.

The Ravens’ defensive backs limited Mark Sanchez to just 62 yards Monday night.

Writing for, John Eisenberg says it’s not time to celebrate just yet.

“With all due respect, though, it might be wise to revisit the numbers after the Ravens’ game against the Bengals this Sunday in Cincinnati,” Eisenberg wrote.

“Whereas the Jets’ offense was a perfect matchup fit for the Ravens’ defense, which has long feasted on run-first teams led by young quarterbacks, the Bengals’ offense is the opposite, a worst-case scenario in many respects.”

Eisenberg said that the Jets barely challenged the Ravens down field, noting that only eight of Sanchez’ 21 pass attempts were aimed at wideouts.

Thus, this weekend is an opportunity for some of the lesser-known Ravens to make a name for themselves.

“They have some great players out there in Fabian Washington and…who’s that on the other side?” Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco asked reporters during an interview.

Chris Carr, he was told.

“Yeah, Chris Carr is good. He’s really, really freaking quick. He’s really good. So we’ll see what happens,” Ochocinco said.

Where Does Ravens New Receiving Corps Rank Among NFL?

With so much fanfare about the Ravens’ revamped receiving corps in Baltimore, I was at first taken back by the ranking given to the unit when USA Today came out with its list.

But then, taking a step outside the Baltimore bubble, I was reminded that there are some outstanding receiver groups throughout the league.

The newspaper ranked Anquan Boldin, Derrick Mason, T.J. Housmandzadeh and company at No. 13.

Here are the teams ranking from No. 1 to No. 12: Colts, Packers, Patriots, Cowboys, Saints, Bengals, Eagles, Cardinals, Texans, Falcons, Giants and Vikings.

Keys To the Game Vs. Bengals: Rushing, Turnovers

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