Kindle Hopes For a 2010 Return

During his stay in Baltimore, Sergio Kindle has been closely examined by a neurologist.

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After a few days of testing at Baltimore’s Sinai Hospital, rookie Sergio Kindle can’t wait to return to the Ravens and continue his rehabilitation from an offseason head injury.

The second-round draft pick is now eyeing a speedy return to the playing field.

“In my opinion, I’ll be able to play this year,” Kindle told Tuesday evening. “My healing process is going very well, and if I can keep rehabbing, in due time, I’ll be back.”

Kindle’s exact timetable is harder to pin down.

Kindle hurt his head after falling down two flights of stairs at a house in Austin, Texas, days before he was to report to training camp.  The University of Texas product spent time in University Medical Center Brackenridge, and then was transported to a rehab facility in Dallas in mid-August.

During his brief stay in Baltimore, Kindle has been closely examined by a neurologist to determine his health.

“It’s basically testing how sharp your memory is, if you can do two things at once,” said Kindle.  “It’s been a lot of cognitive testing at this point, and then I’ll have an MRI [magnetic resonance imaging exam] on Wednesday.”

“It’s been a little more difficult than what I went through in Dallas.  They’re doing it for a specific reason, not just your head as a whole.  I feel like it’s been going well.”

Kindle said he has been lifting weights and working on his conditioning six-days a week for about a month.

Because he is unsigned, Kindle is not permitted to meet with the team at their training facility.  When he does eventually have a contract, Kindle is expected to land on the physically unable to perform list, which would cause him to miss the Ravens’ first six games.

If he had his druthers, Kindle would be in Owings Mills instead of a three-night stay at Sinai.

“That’s been the toughest thing for me,” said Kindle. “If I could pick one place to be in the City of Baltimore, it definitely wouldn’t be in the hospital. I want to be around my teammates.

“I’ve got to handle my business, but when the time comes when the doctors say I can come up here and do my rehabilitation, I’ll be back with the fellas.  I just hope it’s soon.”

Kindle said he originally didn’t understand the severity of his injury until consulting with doctors. He has since made sure to take all the appropriate precautions.

Moving forward, Kindle is determined as ever to make a full recovery and become the impact player he demonstrated in college.

“I just feel like I was put on this Earth to play ball, so I can’t live in fear,” said Kindle.  “When my time comes, I’m going to play just as well as I always have, if not better.”

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