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The Ravens could change their fight song moving forward, but you have a say.

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The Ravens have had a fight song that was all theirs since 1998, when John Modell expertly penned the “Ravens Fight Song” heard at M&T Bank Stadium when the purple and black score.

But it hasn’t really caught on with fans the way the team had hoped.

The Ravens have been looking for a song that will keep fans on their feet after a touchdown or a big win, something the Baltimore Colts had with the original “Colts Fight Song.”

Out of respect for the Colts’ history in Maryland, the Ravens did not adopt that song when the team began in 1996.

Now, the Ravens organization has suggested a return to Maryland’s football roots with a Ravens update.

With the help of his bandmates, longtime director of the Marching Ravens John Ziemann and the band’s musical director Todd Clontz came up with “The Baltimore Fight Song” featuring new Ravens lyrics set to the “Baltimore Colts Fight Song” tune.

The Ravens don’t want to disrespect the history of the Baltimore Colts in any way. Instead, they want to leave it up to the fans.

Should the team adopt this old song with a Ravens’ twist, or stick with the current “Ravens Fight Song?”

Listen, read and cast your vote below:

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2010 Raven-ized Lyrics of the “Baltimore Colts Fight Song”

Baltimore Ravens Lets go
And put that ball across the line
So fly on with talons spread wide
Go in and strike with Ravens pride
Ravens dark wings take to flight
Dive in and show them your might
For Baltimore and Maryland
You will fly on to victory

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Lyrics to 1998-2009 “Ravens Fight Song”

Flying high, Fierce pride in our eyes –
The Ravens of Baltimore.
On dark wings we fly, Honor bound for the sky –
Over Maryland we’ll always soar.
For glory we vie, And our town will stand high –
To our foes we say “Nevermore!”
‘Cause it’s fight, fight, With all of our might –
For our old Baltimore!

Original Lyrics of the “Baltimore Colts Fight Song”

Let’s go you Baltimore Colts
And put the ball across the line
So drive on you Baltimore Colts,
Go in and strike like lightning bolts
Rear up you colts and let’s fight
Crash through and show them your might
For Baltimore and Maryland
We will march onto victory

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