Bisciotti: Kindle To Be A Longtime Raven

Bisciotti isn’t averse to losing a season with Kindle because he’ll be around a long time.

Posted by Mike Duffy on Thursday, July 29th, 2010 at 8:37 pm | Categories: 2010 Training Camp, Mike Duffy

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Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti took time on Thursday to talk exclusively with’s Mike Duffy. Read what he had to say in our blog series and watch the full video here.

With Sergio Kindle recently landing in an Austin, Texas, hospital with a fractured skull, his standing with the Ravens was called into question by many outside the organization.

Team owner Steve Bisciotti has a quick answer for any doubters of Kindle’s long-term job security.

Even if Kindle must miss an entire season to Injured Reserve, Bisciotti believes the second-round draft pick has a bright future.

“I think in a perfect world, we’d like to have a decision come mid-September whether we think he’s going to be able to contribute to us and we can put him on [the physically unable to perform] list,” Bisciotti said in an interview with  “Then, we’d have that option of having him for 10 games.

“If that doesn’t look feasable, he’s going to be around here a long time, so we’ll wait it out.”

Kindle fell down two flights of stairs at a friend’s house one week ago, placing him in Austin’s University Medical Center Breckenridge for treatment.  He remained in stable condition through the weekend, and his status at this point is unknown.

Bisciotti said he heard about the incident on Friday, and then had a meeting about the Ravens’ roster with General Manager Ozzie Newsome on Saturday.  He also noted that Texas Head Coach Mack Brown recently revealed that Kindle was taking drugs for narcolepsy.

But whatever the pass-rushing talent’s status is moving forward, Bisciotti wants to proceed with appropriate caution.

“We’re just going to wait and see,” explained Bisciotti.  “Concussions are a bad thing, so you can imagine what a fractured skull is.  If we have to put him on IR and let him rest for a year, then we’re going to do it.”

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