Bisciotti Asks Same Questions Fans Do

What fan wouldn’t want to walk into the coach’s office with a question? Steve Bisciotti can.

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Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti took time on Thursday to talk exclusively with’s Mike Duffy. Read what he had to say in our blog series and watch the full video here.

Steve Bisciotti doesn’t claim to have all the answers when it comes to football, but that’s one of the fun parts about being an NFL owner.

Instead of pontificating on sports-talk radio, he can go straight to General Manager Ozzie Newsome or Head Coach John Harbaugh to ask the question.

“I’m looking at it like by owning the team, purchasing the team, I’ve got a right to ask the questions,” Bisciotti said in an interview with  “A lot of the questions that I ask are the questions that a lot of the fans are asking. People think I just know because of the position that I’m in, but I don’t because I’m not walking into meetings. I’m not learning things first-hand.

“So, if I have a question about something, then I have the luxury that other fans don’t.  I can walk into Ozzie’s office or call John and say, ‘I keep hearing this. What do you think about it?’ I love their perspective on things.”

That’s why this time of year is one of Bisciotti’s favorites.  The Maryland native remembers coming to Baltimore Colts training camp with his father and brother as a child.  It was held in Westminster, Md., as it is today at Western Maryland, now McDaniel College.

There is even a picture of a young Bisciotti and Colts Hall of Famer Johnny Unitas in the Ravens’ media guide.

“We had a Polaroid camera that had one pack of film,” he said with a smile.  “Eight pictures. My brother and I would argue on the way up who we were going to get the pictures with.”

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