Late For Work 7/20: (Over)Reaction To Flacco’s Comments

Plus Ray Rice is ranked as No. 16 NFL running back and who will start on the PUP list.

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(Over)Reaction to Flacco’s Comments

Yesterday, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco wondered out loud how the signing of new teammate Marc Bulger would affect quarterback chemistry.

His words quickly went viral, as everyone and their dog had an opinion.

“Hopefully, we just all get along well,” Flacco told Baltimore Sun’s Jamison Hensley. “When you have a little bit of tension in the room, it doesn’t lend to playing well. Yeah, he might bring a thing here or there that helps me out. We’ll see. It’s all about going out there, preparing during the week and having a good time doing that. Hopefully, we can do that.”

“I don’t want to have any bad words about Marc,” Flacco added. “I’m sure Marc is a great guy. But I had a great relationship with Troy and John. Depending on what happens, one of them might not be around and two of them might not be around….Either way, it’ll be disappointing to see one of them go. I’m sure Marc is a great guy, and he’ll be fun to work with. I enjoy our [quarterback] room with Troy and John. It’s definitely going to be broken up a little bit.”

After reading the third-year quarterback’s comments, the first question fans asked across the blogosphere and message boards was: Is Flacco worried about Bulger taking the starting QB job?

Seriously, Flacco is a pretty genuine guy. I don’t think he’s alluding to anything deeper than honest concerns about chemistry. His words seem less about Bulger and more about what the addition of Bulger represents for two co-workers with whom he’s developed deep friendships.

All four quarterbacks will be doing the math the first day of training camp. Doesn’t anyone else think that could make for an uncomfortable work environment? Not as unbearable as the “Scotts Tots” episode from The Office, but still awkwwaaard (high-pitched voice).

Baltimore Sun’s Kevin Cowherd said it best, “that’s what happens when a famously-reticent team leader on the Ravens lets down his guard a little and speaks from the heart. It goes viral and spreads across Ravens Nation in a heartbeat.

“No wonder so many big-time athletes often feel the best thing they can say to the media is: ‘No comment.’”

I guess that means the already typically bland interviews with Flacco just may get blander.

Still, everyone has a right to their own opinions, and here are a few more:

sliceanddic3: Kinda sounds like he’s scared of Bulger taking the job? Blog: Flacco said he’s worried about tension, but this sounds like he might be causing some.

Ed_Reed20 (not the actual Ed Reed): After listening to a show Joe, Troy and Beck did on 105.7 The Fan last year, these comments don’t surprise. Joe was expressing his disappointment that one of his friends likely won’t be on the team anymore.

darklight1216: At first glance, it seems like he’s just sticking up for his buddies, but I suppose that it’s possible that he’s comfortable with them because they are not a threat to his job. …All in all, I think the most surprising part about this article is that Flacco actually opened his mouth.

Rice Ranked No. 16 NFL Running Back

With the help of an NFL team’s director of pro personnel,’s Vinnie Iyer ranked Ray Rice as the NFL’s 16th-best running back.

Sheesh. No wonder Rice said he feels “underrated.”

Who Will Start Training Camp on Active PUP?

The rules are different for players who start training camp on the Active Physically Unable to Perform list and the regular-season Reserve PUP list.

During the preseason, a player on the Active PUP counts against the 80-man roster limit but can come off at any time. Once the season begins, a player is not eligible to play for the first six weeks of the season if he is on the Reserve PUP list.

Hensley of the Baltimore Sun forecasts four primary candidates to be on the Active PUP list when training camp begins next Tuesday: safety Ed Reed, cornerbacks Lardarius Webb and Fabian Washington, and linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo.

Lewis’ Team, But Pressure on Flacco

Jarrett Bell of USA Today said Flacco is becoming the leader of a Ravens team ready for a Super Bowl run.

“The Ravens have always seemed to be Lewis’ team, what with his electric energy at the center of great defenses,” Bell noted. “But Flacco knows what comes with the territory of being an NFL quarterback.”

“Bottom line, it’s on me,” Flacco added. “But I’m ready for that. I want it to fall on me.”

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