Rex Back Talking Smack In Owings Mills

Former Defensive Coordinator Rex Ryan is wearing a “No. 1″ defense softball jersey.

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Is it any surprise that Rex Ryan is talking trash even in softball?

The New York Jets head coach and former Ravens defensive coordinator is wearing a No. 1 jersey with “DEFENSE” sewn across the top during Friday’s NFL Softball Challenge.

No. 1 defense. Get it?

“There are a lot of teams here that can play defense with Baltimore, Washington, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia,” Ryan said. “I figured I’d get under everyone’s skin as always and remind everyone who had the No. 1 defense in the league last year.”

It’s true, the Jets had the NFL’s No. 1-ranked defense in terms of yards and points allowed per game. The Ravens ranked No. 3 in each category.

The constantly-joking Ryan was clearly happy to be back visiting his former colleagues in Owings Mills. But he’s at least semi-serious when it comes to softball.

Ryan coaches from the sidelines and can absolutely crush the ball (although he isn’t exactly a speedster on the base paths). Ryan also keeps his own stats, claiming he’s 25-for-26 all-time in the tournament.

After a poor Jets showing in his first season in green last year, Ryan recruited several New York coaches to this year’s team, including offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

Although the Jets lost to the Redskins by one run in their opening softball game Friday, Ryan of course was still feeling confident.

As opposed to football, when Ryan incorrectly thought the Jets were eliminated from the playoffs after a Week 15 loss, Ryan knows the softball Jets aren’t yet out of the double-elimination tournament.

“We’re going to win the thing,” he bluntly said.

I didn’t bother asking for a prediction for the Ravens’ Week 1 game on Sept. 13. I think you know what his answer would be.

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