Late For Work 5/25: Ravens Against a New York Super Bowl

Plus a report on when Lardarius could be back and no vote expected on OT.

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Ravens Against A New York Super Bowl

The prospect of playing Super Bowl 2014 in New York, a cold-weather city, has been debated ad nauseam.

But for the first time, we finally know on which side of the fence the Ravens’ organization stands.

The Ravens are one of five NFL teams that would vote against a Super Bowl in New York, according to the New York Daily News.

“I’m not sold on it,” Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti told the Daily News. “The idea of cold weather certainly doesn’t scare us. The idea of a two-foot snowstorm does.”

Bisciotti was joined by the Houston Texans, Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Bills and Arizona Cardinals, who also indicated they would vote against New York or were not in favor of a cold weather Super Bowl. 

Eleven teams didn’t participate in the newspaper’s poll on whether they would vote for a Super Bowl in New York.

“After what we’ve been through in Baltimore in the last three months, you really have to wonder if logistically it’s possible the darn thing could get postponed,” Bisciotti explained. “I don’t think you could get people into the Meadowlands, 70,000 people into the Meadowlands, in a two-foot snowstorm in New York.”

Bisciotti is speaking from first-hand experience.

Last December, an estimated 1,754 workers and volunteers worked day and night at M&T Bank Stadium to shovel nearly two feet of snow. It was just enough to open the gates for a contest vs. the Bears, but the game was postponed from 1 p.m. ET to 4:15 p.m.

Despite the concerns, reported that New York is considered the strong favorite leading up to the vote, which is expected to take place today at the NFL spring meetings. The other cities in contention are: Tampa, Fla., and Miami.

If the vote does go to New York, it could also open the door for other future cold-weather Super Bowls.

Owners Unlikely To Vote On Overtime Rule

In other spring meetings news, it was once widely believed that NFL owners would vote to expand the newly adopted playoff overtime rule to the regular season.

That push seems to have lost a lot of steam, according to’s Steve Wyche.

Adapting the new wrinkle that would guarantee a possession for each team in the extra period, barring a touchdown or safety on the first possession, may have to wait because the league said they want to speak with teams, players and broadcast partners before extending the change to the regular season.

But’s Peter King believes the delay for a vote has more to do with potential negative effects on CBA negotiations with the players association.

“If Goodell gets a vibe (and he may have already) that the players association would seethe over having more snaps forced on players, that could hamper talks for a new CBA,” King said.

“And regular season overtime reform may not be that important if it’s going to tick off DeMaurice Smith and his negotiating committee.”

Webb Six Weeks Behind Washington

After corners Fabian Washington and Lardarius Webb tweeted the positive news that their knee injury recoveries are on schedule, Aaron Wilson of Carroll County Times caught up with Washington to get more details from his doctor’s visit in Birmingham, Ala. Monday.

“Dr. Andrews pretty much gave me the OK that I’ll be ready for the first day of training camp,” Washington told Wilson. “I’ll be ready to go. I’m doing the individual drills now, cutting and running. He checked out my knee and I’ll definitely be ready for camp.

“I wasn’t really emotional about it. It’s to be expected. I’ve talked to our team doctors and our trainer, Bill Tessendorf, and we’ve definitely always thought I’ll be ready for camp. Getting the word from Dr. Andrews put the icing on the cake. It wasn’t anything but good news.”

While Washington targets training camp, there hasn’t been a firm return goal for Webb. But Washington explained that Webb’s rehabilitation is about six weeks behind his, mainly because the injuries took place more than a month apart.

“I’m like six weeks ahead of him,” Washington said. “He’s close, but we’re not exactly on the same schedule. He’s doing everything I’m doing, but at a little slower pace. I’m a little ahead of him on speed and agility, but that’s normal.

“We’re working together constantly, that’s one of my guys. Trust me, we’re working hard.”

Quick Hits

  • The Supreme Court on Monday turned away the National Football League’s request for broad antitrust law protection, ruling that the league can be considered 32 separate teams — not one big business — when it comes to selling branded items like jerseys and caps, according to the Associated Press.
  • Twit Pic from BringdaPain33 (Le’Ron McClain): “MCCLAIN 4 RB” Man this is too funny!!


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