Late For Work 4/8: Gaither Could Be Big Story on Draft Day 2

Plus another call to trade back, Mike Williams discusses his visit and Roethlisberger news.

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Gaither Could Be Big Story On Draft Day 2

The Jared Gaither trade guesswork subsided with one of the biggest trades in NFL history occurring on Easter day. That’s because the Redskin’s second-round pick that was speculatively meant for Gaither instead went to the Eagles for quarterback Donavan McNabb.

But ESPN’s Adam Schefter says the “Easter Exchange” might merely serve as a warm-up to the trade activity that football and fans witness in the coming days.

Don’t be surprised if you see Gaither at the center of it all, says Schefter, especially on the second day of the Draft when offensive tackle-starved teams are still searching for an answer.

“Some team that needs an offensive tackle in the first round will not get one,” Schefter explained. “The team that misses out could wind up dealing its second-round pick to Baltimore for Gaither, who is one of the league’s better young left tackles.”

The Raiders (No. 39 overall) and Bills (No. 41 overall) are the two teams likely to get in the mix, according to ESPN’s Rumor CentralChris Brown of addressed the Bills’ possible interest in Gaither.

ESPN’s Bill Williamson says another team to look out for is Kansas City because they have two second-round picks (Nos. 36 and 50 overall) and they are LT-needy.

“Kansas City could use a tackle and it may use the No. 5 overall pick on one,” said Williamson. “So, pursuing Gaither could be smart. The Chiefs have two second-round picks and using one on Gaither would be a worthy investment and allow the Chiefs to both get a quality tackle and address another need, such as safety at No. 5.”

Stay close to your computer, my friends. Even after the Ravens’ big move on Day 1, whatever it maybe, it will be just as interesting to see if Schefter’s prophesy comes to fruition on Day 2.

Willing To Pass On First-Round Talent?

Speaking of big moves on Day 1…anyone in favor of the Ravens trading out of the first round to bolster their low 5 pick count?

Baltimore Sun’s Kevin Valkenburg is all for it.

“The more I study it, the more I’m convinced that instead of picking a tight end early, the Ravens would be better off shopping that [No. 25] pick,” Valkenburg said. “And for a team that prides itself on nailing its drafts, it has to be bugging the Ravens that they have only five picks in the deepest draft in a decade.”

The Sun columnist argues there is plenty of value in the second and third rounds, and by acquiring more selections later, they could grab more players that he says are needed to win the AFC.

Moving back would allow the franchise to address concerns at several positions including cornerback, defensive line and tight end.

“It’s usually fool’s gold to believe you’re just one player away from winning it all,” Valkenburg said. “If the Ravens can find a willing trade partner, they can still address their needs and plan for the future by moving down.

“It won’t be particularly exciting, but it’s the move that not only would put them in position to win a second Lombardi Trophy, but also would address the future.”

Williams Talks About Visit to Castle

Syracuse reciever Mike Williams conducted a Pro Day workout earlier this week in which Ravens wide receivers coach Jim Hostler conducted the route-running portion, according to Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post.

He also visited the Castle in Owings Mills to visit with coaches, scouts and Ozzie Newsome.

Williams chatted with Wilson about his visit to Baltimore, and explained the unique experience sitting across from the “Wizard of Oz.”

Wilson: How was your visit with the Ravens?

Williams: “Oh man, that’s a great facility. I’ve never seen anything like that before. They say it’s one of the top two facilities in the NFL. I met all the coaches and saw the players and looked at all the records. It was something I had always dreamed about. I saw Anquan Boldin and Ray Lewis.

“Ozzie Newsome is one of the coolest GMs I’ve ever met. I walked in his office and the first thing he asked me was if I knew anything about Alabama. I said, ‘Yeah, you played there.’ It’s crazy sitting across from a guy like that. It’s something I always dreamed of.”

If you so desire, check out Williams’ entire Q&A.

Roethlisberger Police Investigation Complete

It may take up to several weeks for the District Attorney’s office in Georgia to determine if charges will be filed against Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger even though the investigation by Milledgeville police into the sexual assault allegation is now complete, according to USA Today.

“The district attorney now has time to review the file and to make a decision about prosecuting,” said Page Pate, an Atlanta trial lawyer not connected to the case.

“The police department has probably given him their recommendation, even though it may not be contained in writing in any report,” Pate said. “Then the D.A. can think about it, but it’s ultimately his decision (whether or not and in what manner to prosecute).”

Also, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expects to meet with Roethlisberger this offseason to discuss the matter.

Quick Hits

  • Morgan State WR E.J. Morton-Green has a private workout with the Baltimore Ravens next week, tweeted RavensInsider Aaron Wilson
  • NFL officials are holding open the possibility that Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium will break an attendance record for Super Bowls with more than 100,000 fans on site, according to USA Today.

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