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In celebration of the 75th NFL Draft, fans can vote for their choices at

Posted by Mike Duffy on Saturday, March 13th, 2010 at 12:00 pm | Categories: Mike Duffy

Would you consider a Raven the greatest draft pick of all time? How about a Baltimore Colt?

That remains to be seen, as an poll is seeking to find the Most Valuable Draft Pick in celebration of the 75th draft in NFL history.

Each of the past 74 drafts have been scoured to compile a list of 320 players, with 10 representatives from each team.  Fans can choose between pairs of players randomly generated from that list, narrowing it down to 30 random matchups until a fan vote determines the All-Time Top 10.

Jonathan Ogden was the first draft pick in Ravens franchise history.

Jonathan Ogden was the first draft pick in Ravens franchise history. editors submitted these Ravens to the process:

  • Peter Boulware (first round, 1997)
  • Todd Heap (first, 2001)
  • Jamal Lewis (first, 2000)
  • Ray Lewis (first, 1996)
  • Edwin Mulitalo (fourth, 1999)
  • Jonathan Ogden (first, 1996)
  • Ed Reed (first, 2002)
  • Jamie Sharper (second, 1997)
  • Terrell Suggs (first, 2003)
  • Adalius Thomas (sixth, 2000)

In addition, Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome (a Hall of Fame tight end with the Cleveland Browns) is up for nomination, as are former Baltimore Colts John Mackey, Raymond Berry, Lenny Moore and Jim Parker.

The fan vote concludes on April 18, just in time to pre-game for the draft.  Picks 11-75 will be announced on from April 19-22, and then the top 10 will be revealed during the actual draft, which starts Thursday, April 22.

The Ravens certainly have a few players that could make that esteemed group.  I would find it hard to not vote for Ozzie, J.O. or Ray when they’re matched up against any other player in the history of the game, especially at their position.


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