Ravens Lead Successful Challenges

John Harbaugh ranked first in the NFL with seven total challenge victories.

Posted by Mike Duffy on Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 at 8:12 pm | Categories: Mike Duffy

I now know what it’s like to be a Ravens player, at least maybe a little bit.

Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh took umbrage at what I had to say regarding my postseason awards article and the “Head-Scratcher of the Year” note, and rightfully so.

In it, I called Harbaugh’s lack of a challenge on the muffed punt/recovery by the New England Patriots out as a puzzling moment during the Ravens’ 2009 playoff run.

After that, I was treated just as The Baltimore Sun or Carroll County Times would, which is certainly how it should be.

As a refresher, on the Patriots challenge, a quick replay in the booth, which came solely from the CBS broadcast, showed that the punt in question  bounced off safety Tom Zbikowski’s shoulder, but a Patriots defender didn’t seem to hold on to possession as he went out of bounds.

Of course, New England didn’t put a good view up on their video boards, and since the Ravens coaches’ telecast was on a six-second delay and the television broadcast almost immediately went to commercial, there wasn’t enough time to alert Harbaugh to any problem.

So while I understand how the no-challenge is still a point of contention among Ravens fans, I should also point out how successful their favorite team has been with the red hankie.

The Ravens finished their campaign – Harbaugh’s second at the helm – by winning seven total challenges among 13 calls for review.  The seven victories stands as the most across the league, matching the Carolina Panthers, who also succeeded on seven, but with an extra challenge (14).

Six challenges were upheld by the officials, giving the Ravens a 54-percent accuracy rate. That’s good for eighth among franchises with a 54-percent accuracy rate.

Harbaugh was an agressive challenge-flag thrower.  Thirteen replay requests were the third most (tied with Atlanta Falcons) behind the Panthers and Green Bay Packers (16).

As a sidenote, the Buffalo Bills won all three of their challenges, which was the best win rate in the NFL.

Rounding out the bottom, the Seattle Seahawks lost all seven of their challenges.  Certainly, that’s not a good mark by former Seahawks coach Jim Mora.

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