Late For Work 2/9: Broncos Owner Wants Marshall To Stay

Plus Boldin and Bryant’s availability, Troy Smith trade talk and Boller gets engaged.

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Broncos Owner Wants to Re-Sign Marshall

Owner Pat Bowlen said he would like star receiver Brandon Marshall to remain with the Broncos, but wouldn’t block a trade if Head Coach Josh McDaniels feels it would benefit the team, according to the Denver Post.

“I’d like to see Brandon stay,” Bowlen said. “Now, if the head coach sits down and says ‘No, I want to trade him’, or ‘I’ve got a deal that’s going to be beneficial to the club,’ I don’t think I’m going to override him.

“I think Brandon going through this whole process last year, I think it matured him a little bit, if not a lot. And I think he’s, at least I hope he is, wondering if it’s the right thing for him to move to another team. I think that’s a question mark in his mind. He hasn’t told me that, but I have a sense of that.”

The Post explained the Broncos may not be in position to offer a multi-year contract to Marshall, as long as there remains a threat of a work stoppage in 2011. The question is if Marshall would like to return to Denver for a one-year deal. However, any team with interest would face the same problem.

Marshall will be a restricted free agent in March.

Former Broncos and Ravens tight end Shannon Sharpe told the Post earlier this week, “I know personally there are three teams out there who are going to make a move for Brandon Marshall.”

Sharpe did not reveal if Baltimore is one of those teams.

The Sporting News believes the Broncos will demand first- and third-round draft picks as compensation should the Broncos choose not to match another team’s offer.

James Walker of ESPN said it would be “an upset” for the Ravens to acquire Marshall this offseason.

“General manager Ozzie Newsome doesn’t believe in giving away high draft picks, so I don’t see him pulling off that deal,” Walker said. “If, for whatever reason, the Broncos were willing to lower their asking price, the Ravens would be more interested.”

The Latest on WRs Boldin and Bryant

The latest buzz surrounding the Arizona Cardinals’ asking price for receiver Anquan Boldin is a second-round draft pick, according to ESPN’s Rumor Central. With the retirement of Kurt Warner, the Cards may look to develop a more run-centric offense. A second-rounder for Boldin is a considerably lower price tag (partly because of proneness to injury) than Marshall’s first- and third-rounders.

Meanwhile, ESPN believes it’s looking like receiver Antonio Bryant won’t be back with Tampa Bay next season. Len Pasquarelli doesn’t think Bryant will command an elite-level deal.

“Bryant suffered through injuries in 2009, and had just 39 receptions for 600 yards and four touchdowns,” Pasquarelli said. “In his career, Bryant has only two seasons with 60 or more catches and two with 1,000 yards. He can contend that he hasn’t played with big-time quarterbacks in his career, and that’s true. But if the Bucs retain Bryant for 2010, team officials are determined that it will be at their price.”

Troy For a Third?

Despite the “he said, he said” back-and-forth between quarterback Troy Smith’s agent and Ozzie Newsome as to whether an official trade request has been made, fans wonder if the Ravens would consider dealing the former Heisman Trophy winner.

“The trade value question is always difficult, because it’s really dependent on the teams and its need for Smith,” ESPN’s Walker said. “A team with a major need at quarterback, such as the Buffalo Bills for instance, might be willing to give up a third-rounder. Another team may only be willing to trade a fourth- or fifth-round pick. So there is no firm way to answer that question.”

Some speculate the Ravens would like to keep Smith as a backup to starter Joe Flacco.

Ravens 20-to-1 Odds to Win 2010 Super Bowl

Las Vegas oddsmakers wasted no time announcing the favorites to win Super Bowl XLV in 2010.
The Ravens had the 10th-best odds at 20-to-1.

Just 24 hours after losing Super Bowl XLIV, the Colts were picked to win it all next year with 13-to-2 odds.

However, odds may not necessarily reflect who Las Vegas actually thinks will win.

“A common fallacy among casual fans who don’t gamble is that these are actual predictions,” said Matt Snyder of NFL Fanhouse. “They aren’t. The aim is to make as much money as possible, thus, the teams most likely to garner the most bets are placed at the top and the teams least likely to garner bets are placed lower on the spectrum (in an attempt to attract action).

“Thus, teams with huge fan bases like the Cowboys and Steelers are likely to always be toward the top in the odds, while teams with lower fan bases like the Jacksonville Jaguars will generally be lower on the list.”

Boller Gets Engaged

Former Ravens quarterback Kyle Boller has gotten engaged to beauty queen Carrie Prejean, according to E! News. The ex-Miss California, 22, began dating the 28-year-old Boller last July.

“Prejean may have been stripped of her previous title, but here’s hoping she has better luck with the next — wife,” reported E!.

Check out this video of Boller and his bride-to-be.

Quick Hits

  • Super Bowl XLIV was watched by more than 106 million people, surpassing the 1983 finale of M-A-S-H to become the most-watched program in U.S. television history, the Nielsen Co. said Monday.
  • Pro Football Talk reported commentator Chris Berman may leave ESPN and is drawing interest from NFL Network and DirecTV. Berman’s ESPN contract expires May 10, his 55th birthday.
  • As expected, the Browns terminated Donte’ Stallworth’s contract Monday, the same day he was reinstated by the NFL after his season-long suspension without pay for killing a pedestrian while driving drunk, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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