Late For Work 1/25: Lewis Reacts to $5,000 Fine

Plus Flacco gets a bonus, no word on Hue Jackson, Stover sets a record and Ravens player Tweets.

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Lewis Reacts to $5,000 Fine

After the NFL fined linebacker Ray Lewis $5,000 for his hit on Colts receiver Austin Collie during the second quarter of the Ravens’ 20-3 divisional playoff loss, Lewis appeared on ESPN and called the decision “embarrassing.”

“Just to be brutally honest,” Lewis said. “For people who really enjoy the game of football and play the game the way I play the game, I look at that as kind of being embarrassing, you know, that a man is just trying to do his job.”

The league cited Lewis for unnecessary roughness, specifically for making helmet-to-helmet contact with his opponent.

“If I just went at him directly with my helmet, I could understand that,” Lewis said. “But you’re talking about a man who’s been playing this game for over 14 years, who respects the game to the utmost, and who never leads with his head first and foremost. I hit him with my shoulder pad; I knew I hit him with my shoulder pad. So for them to fine me, I’m a little disappointed.”

In his season-ending press conference, Head Coach John Harbaugh said it didn’t appear to be a cheap shot, but rather a hard tackle that was distorted because Collie tried to protect himself by ducking his head.

“That was a good, hard football tackle,” Harbaugh said. “Ray Lewis made a perfect form-tackle. The receiver caught the ball, was going to protect himself, and dropped his head to a certain level that was below his shoulder pad level after Ray had committed to the tackle. And at that point in time, you’re committed to the tackle. You’re not going to stop. You can’t stop in mid-air; it’s not humanly possible.”

Not everyone agrees with Lewis and Harbaugh. Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun stated that disciplining Lewis was not only a good move, but the fine should have been higher.

“It was no surprise that Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis got fined by the NFL for his late helmet-to-helmet hit,” Preston said. “The only surprise was that the fine was just $5,000. It should have been $10,000 because Lewis is a repeat offender with the same move.”

Listen to Lewis’ full reaction to the fine, along with his thoughts on the Pro Bowl being played before the Super Bowl.


Flacco Receives 200K Bonus

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco earned a $200,000 bonus for the Ravens’ victory over the New England Patriots in the wild card round, according to ESPN’s James Walker.  Flacco completed 4 of 10 passes for 34 yards, an interception and a 10.0 passer rating against the Pats.

Still No Official Word on Jackson

Despite interviewing in Alameda for most of last week, there still isn’t any official word on if Ravens Quarterbacks Coach Hue Jackson secured a job with the Oakland Raiders.

Last week, the National Football Post reported that Jackson was interviewing for both the head coach and offensive coordinator positions, but Raiders Senior Executive John Herrara was adamant that Jackson is only an offensive coordinator candidate.

“I would vociferously deny that any head coaching interviews are taking place while [Al Davis] is still meeting with Tom Cable,” Herrera said.

The Raiders also denied ESPN reports that the team made the decision to bring back Tom Cable as the head coach next season, saying the evaluation process is ongoing.

Stover Sets New Record

Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun reminds us that Matt Stover, who turns 42 on Wednesday, became the oldest player in NFL history to advance to the Super Bowl. He has made all five of his field goals in the playoffs to date.

Interesting Tweets from the Weekend

Willis McGahee (23McGahee) on Conference Championship losses: “Well the sickest feeling in the world is to the loose the game right before the superbowl trust me I know it won’t kick in until tomorrow”

Fabian Washington (FABEWASH31) on Colts’ win: “Congrats to Matt Stover”

Ray Rice (RayRice27) on Matthew Costello: “Just left my new best friends house matthew costello he has cancer and he called the first play of the pats game when we played them 83 yds td

“He is an amazing kid he inspires me to be great everyday”

Aaron Wilson (RavensInsider) on Ed Reed and Derrick Mason’s chances of returning: “John Harbaugh said he expects Derrick and Ed to return. What do I think? I’m told Reed is going to return. Derrick prob, too.”

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