Moss Likely to Draw Double Coverage

Domonique Foxworth played Moss pretty well in their Week 4 matchup.

Posted by Mike Duffy on Friday, January 8th, 2010 at 4:57 pm | Categories: Mike Duffy

The job of covering New England Patriots receiver Randy Moss will likely fall on the shoulders of Domonique Foxworth.

That’s how things largely shook out the last time the Ravens went to Foxborough, Mass.  And despite a notable size difference – Foxworth is 5-foot-11, 180 pounds, while Moss stands 6-foot-4, 210 pounds – the outcome was generally favorable.

In that Oct. 4 matchup, Moss caught only three passes for 50 yards.  Of course, one of those grabs was a 14-yard touchdown, where Moss had to come back for an underthrown ball that Foxworth nearly got a hand on. 

“I felt really good about how I played him last time,” Foxworth said. “I was a little upset about the play he scored on, though. It was like a tipped ball, but it ended up being a difference in the game. I wasn’t happy with it, but aside from that, it was good to have that experience against a guy like that.”

I’m sure that the Ravens’ safeties, whether that is Ed Reed, Dawan Landry or Tom Zbikowski, will have an eye on Moss over the top, as well, because Moss is at his best when going deep.

Moss, who racked up 83 receptions for 1,264 yards and 13 touchdowns this year, is going to have some more offensive weight put on his shoulders now that leading receiver Wes Welker landed on IR this week (knee).

“Randy can go deep, and he can jump over you, so you’re going to have to play him a little differently,” said cornerback Chris Carr.  “You’re going to have be more conscious in your mind that, ‘Hey, if he gets over the top of me, it’s going to be a touchdown.’ You’re going to have to adjust your game, but you should go out there with the same confidence that you can cover this guy and do your job.”

And don’t read anything into the fact that Moss missed practice on Friday.  According to the injury report, it was a non-injury thing and he was just getting a rest, although reports came out of Patriots-land that Moss had ice on his knee all week.

Still, he’s probable for Sunday.

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