Late For Work 1/5: Belichick Said Broken Ribs “100% Wrong”

Plus 3 reasons why the Ravens can win, Jamal may not retire and the Bills job opening.

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Belichick: Broken Ribs “100% Wrong”

Yikes. I would not want to be former NFL GM Charley Casserly right now.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick isn’t happy and Casserly, the CBS analyst who reported before Sunday’s game that Tom Brady had three broken ribs, is to blame.

Belichick said Casserly’s report was “100 percent wrong.”

“There’s so much stuff out there that is so inaccurate that it’s comical,” Belichick said on WEEI via the Boston Globe.

“Who’s been wrong more than Casserly? His percentage is like a meteorologist. … He has no relationship with this team, less than zero.

“At least he put his name on it. I’ll put my name on it, too. He’s 100 percent wrong.”

Brady appeared on Friday’s injury report with a rib ailment, but started in the Patriots’ 34-27 loss to the Texans. The Pats’ quarterback reportedly broke his ribs in the preseason, then re-injured them in Week 2.  A reported finger injury occurred a month ago.

Speaking on WEEI himself, Brady insisted the injuries are in the past and won’t hamper him. “I’m feeling really good now,” Brady said on WEEI, via Pro Football Talk.  “Everyone breaks bones over the course of the year.  This is the best I’ve felt in a while.”

Belichick Blames Welker’s Injury on Turf Conditions

After blasting Casserly, Belichick moved on to blast the turf conditions at the Texans’ Reliant Stadium and insinuated the conditions might have led to Wes Welker’s season-ending knee injury, writes the Boston Globe’s Adam Kilgore.

“The turf down there is terrible,” Belichick said. “It’s terrible. It’s just inconsistent. It’s all the little trays of grass, and some of them are soft and some of them are firm and they don’t all fit well together, those seams. Some of it feels like a sponge, some of it feels real firm and hard. One step you’re on one, the other step you’re on another. I really think it’s one of the worst fields I’ve seen.”

Tom Brady Aid

band-aidBroken ribs or no broken ribs, The Flock members on are trying to have a sense of humor about the dilemma they see with the Ravens’ defense trying to put pressure on Brady without being flagged for roughing the passer penalties.

Some Ravens fans feel the NFL is overprotective of Brady, who they now call the “Golden Boy.” Such a sentiment was artistically represented by Flock member itscbm5042. He/she submitted this photoshopped jpeg in a 2010 postseason Photoshop contest, while adding “I just hope the referees call a fair game.”

I’d like to add that this contest is not sponsored by the Ravens organization.




Three Reasons

Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun gave three reasons why the Ravens, despite never beating New England, can pull of a the wild card victory on Sunday.

  1. The injury to wide receiver Wes Welker is an immeasurable loss to the New England offense.
  2. New England’s run defense appears vulnerable.
  3. The Ravens gained confidence after nearly beating the Patriots in Foxborough three months ago.

Jamal Lewis May Not Retire

After declaring that the 2009 season would be his last a few weeks ago, Browns RB Jamal Lewis now seems to be unsure about retirement.

“I don’t know when I come back over the offseason and sit back and think about things, if this is something I want to pursue as far as not playing or move on in my life,” Lewis said, via the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “When I can get healthy again, that will be a decision I’ll have to sit back and make.”

Lewis ended the season on IR after suffering a concussion, but wants to see how his body responds before committing to more time in the NFL.

Billick or Cameron Ready for the Bills?

Paul Hamilton of WGR 550 sports radio in Buffalo reported that a league source said Ravens former head coach Brian Billick  is assembling a coaching staff for the Buffalo Bills head coaching vacancy.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk says that may be a smart move even though Billick is yet to interview for the position.

“The reality is that few candidates for the position of head coach enter the interview room without a firm plan for hiring key personnel to join him — and something more concrete than ‘Well, I’ll call him if I get the job,’ strategy for landing assistant coaches.

“The men who get hired to be NFL head coaches are as prepared when they interview as they are for a Super Bowl.”

Meanwhile, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said the Ravens have not been contacted by the Bills for permission to interview his offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron.

“Not that I’m aware of, no,” Harbaugh said. “Nothing has been done. Cam’s a great coach. I know him as a head coach. I worked for him for a year. I know his reputation.

“I’ve had a chance to be around him the last two years, probably as close as any two coaches can be. I’m more impressed with him than ever. I hope he’s the Baltimore Ravens’ offensive coordinator for many years to come. That’s going to be my position.”

NFL Released Divisional Playoff Round Schedule

If the Ravens beat the Patriots, they would then face the Indianapolis Colts Saturday, January 16 at 8:15 p.m.

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