Late For Work 10/19: Quinn Fined 10K; Ray Still Not Happy

Plus Dwan Edwards is fined, Steelers fan is poisoned and the AFC Wild Card picture.

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Quinn Fined $10,000; Ray Still Not Happy

Ray Lewis got what he wished for. Well, sort of.

After quarterback Brady Quinn threw an illegal hit that caused an MCL sprain in Terrell Suggs’ right knee, Lewis said he hoped the “cheap shot” would draw a fine from the league that was at least as much as the linebacker got when he was penalized for a hit on Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco.

Lewis was fined $25,000 for that knock. Quinn’s punishment? $10,000, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

But an extra $15,000 wouldn’t have resolved Lewis’ concerns either, especially since he will be without Suggs in Sunday’s mountainous climb against the undefeated Indianapolis Colts.

“To lose a person like that, there’s no dollar amount on that,” Lewis said. “There is no dollar amount on losing a T-Sizzle because he’s somebody when I need I can look to and say I need you right. …  To lose a man in a play that’s not within the rules of the game, that hurts.”

“I can see why they’d be upset,” Quinn responded. “But again, he wasn’t even in my vision. I was trying to get to the ball. He cut across my face as I was already trying to jump down for the tackle.”

Looking at the fine from an unbiased point of view, $10,000 may be appropriate.

“Quinn’s fine is double the standard $5,000 that players are usually fined for illegal hits,” says ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio. “Considering that Quinn doesn’t have a reputation for taking cheap shots, a $10,000 fine is significant. Even if it’s not as much as a lot of defensive players would have liked.”

Fines, Fines and More Fines. And by the Way, Back off Mangini.

Speaking of fines, is reporting that defensive end Dwan Edwards was fined $5,000 for his hit on Browns wideout Josh Cribbs on the final play of Monday night’s game. The hit landed Cribbs in the hospital with a possible neck injury and concussion.

There was Browns speculation that the Ravens were retaliating for Quinn’s chop-block on Suggs. Cribbs, who hopes to play this Sunday against Detriot, said he talked to Edwards and Lewis and is satisfied that it was not a cheap shot.

In addition to minimizing the drama with Edwards, Cribbs blocked some of the hate that was thrown toward his coach Eric Mangini for the desperation play. Cribbs said it was not Mangini who called the play to keep the ball alive as time expired in the 16-0 loss.

“It was a call at the line,” Cribbs said, via the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.  “It wasn’t a call that came in from the coaches.”

The Browns “put me in position to make plays and to play well in the football game and I wouldn’t want to come out of the game. A lot of people say ‘Why are you still out there when you have no chance to win the game?’ But I wanted to be out there, so I can’t put no blame on anyone.”

Steelers Fan Claims he Was Poisoned in Chicago Bar

Geez, I thought only Ravens fans had a putrid disdain for the Pittsburgh Steelers. But even those bleeding purple wouldn’t do this.

Steelers fan Zack Eddinger, 46, stated he was poisoned and blinded in a Chicago bar after an altercation with a group of Bears fans. According to WTAE in Pittsburgh, Heddinger said his friends were involved in an altercation with a group of Bears fans, and eventually the Bears fans offered a drink as a “peacemaker.”

From WTAE: Not long after taking the drink, Heddinger passed out and was rushed to a nearby hospital, his heart stopping four times. At first, doctors thought he had too much to drink, but realized there was more to it.

“They thought it was antifreeze or something like that …because it was so strong,” said Heddinger.

Heddinger’s family rushed to Chicago to be with him after doctors told them he wasn’t going to make it.

“I literally watched him say, within a matter of hours, ‘I’m getting really scared. I can’t see anything,’” said sister Lisa.

According to the report, doctors believe the drink may have been spiked with toxic grain alcohol.

“I don’t think they tried to kill me,” Heddinger added. “I think they tried to hurt me, but the killing came pretty close.”

AFC Wild Card Picture

Yahoo! Sports NFL experts took a look at who could emerge from the middle of the pack of the AFC and get into the playoffs via the Wild Card.

The Ravens (5-4) should pay close attention to the Jaguars and Texans who also boast a 5-4 record. The bad news for the Ravens is that they have three games left against opponents with losing records, while both the Jaguars and Texans have four games against opponents with losing records. Baltimore badly needs to steal a game or two from the Colts and/or Steelers.

And that’s not even mentioning the Broncos, Chargers and Steelers, who are another rung up the ladder and share a 6-3 record. Either Denver or San Diego will likely win the AFC West, so that leaves two Wild Card spots for five teams. Baltimore could be the odd man out if it can’t string together a few wins.

Thank Goodness for Steve Bisciotti

If you haven’t heard already, Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams apologized Monday for giving the middle finger to Buffalo fans while celebrating his team’s 41-17 win over the Bills.

The obscene gesture led the Top Ten list on CBS’ “Late Show.” The segment was entitled “Top Ten Signs Your NFL Team Owner Is Nuts.”

I think it would be safe to say Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti wouldn’t be the butt of such jokes. He’s one of the league’s best owners and he has put together a classy organization. Take a look.

10) “Married to a tackling dummy.”
9) “Team plays in North Carolina, builds new stadium in North Dakota.”
8) ”Only reason he hired head coach was because he had his own whistle.”
7) “Encourages vendors to sell beer to players during game.”
6) “Asked owner of Detroit Lions for tips on building a winner.”
5) “He just tested positive for steroids – can you believe that?”
4) “Pregame pep talk – asks team to lose by more than seven-and-a-half.”
3) “Thinks ‘Things More Fun Than Reading the Sarah Palin Memoir’ isn’t funny.”
2) “His motto: ‘If we want to win as a team, we need to shower as a team.’”
1) “Gives players the weekend off.”

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