Harbaugh Wants To Handle Refs Himself

Derrick Mason’s blow up was only one of eight Ravens penalties on Sunday.

Posted by Mike Duffy on Monday, November 2nd, 2009 at 7:02 pm | Categories: Mike Duffy

John Harbaugh wants wideout Derrick Mason to delegate his dealings with officials to the head coach. 

This comes after Mason angrily tossed his helmet on the sideline when he believed that a pass-interference penalty should have been called in the first quarter of Baltimore’s 30-7 win over the Denver Broncos. Mason  jawed with the official and drew a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty.

“I just felt that there was some injustice being done,” Mason said. “And they didn’t give me the penalty, they didn’t throw the flag.

“After a while you get pissed off and you feel that you have to no longer be the nice guy out there.”

Harbaugh and Mason had a conversation on how to handle such situations.

“All we really talked about was, ‘Okay, I understand where you’re at, let me handle this,” Harbaugh said. “It’s my job to handle this, not yours.  You play.’  Derrick got control real quick, like he always does, and played really well.”

The Ravens went on to log seven more penalties for a total of 94 yards, upping their NFL-high in docked yardage to 510 yards.  Baltimore is also fourth in the league with 53 penalties accepted against them.

As for Mason, I’ve never seen him go off like that.  Mason may have gotten a little retribution, however, as he drew an illegal contact penalty on corner Andre Goodman in the third quarter. The Broncos had six penalties for 35 yards in all.

“Once it happened I forgot about it, honestly,” Mason said.  “I even apologized to the referee for showing him up. I didn’t do it deliberately and he understood. Hopefully it won’t happen again. I think I got a make-up call later in the game on a hands-to-the-face [penalty], or illegal contact. Sometimes squeaky wheels get the oil. Maybe I need to be the squeaky wheel more often.”

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