Late For Work 10/9: Ocho Loses to Ray…Bad!

Plus Sunday’s predictions, revenge for Kelley Washington and Jarret Johnson on blitzing.

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Ocho loses to Ray…bad!

Please watch this 15-second video of Ray Lewis knocking Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco onto his back.

All week Ochocinco has been taunting Ravens players. Apparently he is going to score a touchdown this weekend, for which he has the “Ricky Bobby” dance prepared.  From his twitter wars with Ravens CBs Fabian Washington and Domonique Foxworth, to saying he wants to box LB/DE Terrell Suggs, Ocho hasn’t stopped running his mouth.

When it’s time to be serious, Ochocinco is on record saying how much he respects the Ravens defense. Ray Lewis is like a father to him, he said.

Chad’s antics don’t bother me; I find them hilarious and entertaining, just how the playful wide receiver intends them to be. In that same vein, I also find this video to be hilarious and entertaining. Chad is a great sport about it too. I may have watched it six times. Feel free to do the same.



This week both the national and local media seem to believe the Ravens, an eight-point favorite, will be able to handle the Bengals on Sunday. Many noted that the Ravens are going to take their anger from last week’s loss to the Patriots and their issues concerning the officiating and use it against the Bengals. Some media noted that they believe the running game will return along with a more balanced offense.

Baltimore Sun: six of six pick the Ravens
WJZ’s Mark Viviano: Ravens
ESPN: 10 of 12 pick the Ravens three of three pick the Ravens
Yahoo! Sports: three of three pick the Ravens
Sports Illustrated’s Peter King: Ravens

Now it’s your turn. Who is your predicted winner and your predicted score? And since he has been in so many headlines this week, how do you think Ochocinco will play? Will we see the Ricky Bobby dance?

Bengals game personal for Washington

ESPN’s James Walker points out that after Kelley Washington was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals, he got lost behind receivers Chad Ochocinco, T.J. Houshmandzadeh and later Chris Henry from 2003 to 2006. Now thriving in Baltimore, Washington wants to show his former team what it’s missing.

“I definitely want to show them what I’m about,” Washington told Thursday. “I know they know it. But I definitely want to put a beating on the defensive backs and show the coaches there, the owners and all the personnel people what I’m about.”

Jarret Johnson doesn’t think Ravens blitz less

Jarret Johnson told the Baltimore Sun that he doesn’t think the Ravens defense blitzes less now compared to a year ago with Rex Ryan.

“We’re still very multiple,” Johnson said. “We still move around a lot. A lot of things with Rex were assimilated pressure. On TV, it looked like a blitz, but it really wasn’t. It’s hard for fans to look at the scheme to understand.”

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