Ochocinco Plans “Talladega Nights” Dance

Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco has already mailed in his “rule-breaker” check to the NFL in anticipation of a TD dance.

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Chad Ochocinco fully expects to get into the end zone when his Cincinnati Bengals take on the Ravens this weekend.

If/when he does, Ochocinco is going to break out what he called “The Ricky Bobby,” inspired by Will Ferrell’s character in the movie “Talladega Nights.”

“When I score – which you know, I will do – I have a special thing,” he told reporters in a conference call on Wednesday.  “It’s called ‘The Ricky Bobby,’ for those of you who saw ‘Talladega Nights.’ It should be really nice.”

Ochocinco said he already sent the NFL league office a check for the fines his “rule-breaker” would incur.

One reporter asked if he expected to get a refund if it is not as rule-breaking as he thinks.

In classic form, Ochocinco simply responded with a question of his own.

“Did you see the movie?” he asked.  “It’s elaborate.”

I can only imagine.

But leave it up to him to stir the pot before the bi-annual meeting between the Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals. This year, however, he’s doing it via the Internet. Specifically, on Twitter.

Fans certainly have read Ochocinco’s tweets that called cornerback Domonique Foxworth “Vivica Foxworth,” after the actress. Ouch.

Fans have probably also read the challenges he tweeted to Fabian Washington.  While Foxworth and Washington have playfully responded, the Ravens are simply laughing it off.

“He’s an entertaining guy who is good for the league,” Foxworth said.  “I think everybody loves to look and laugh and I think he loves that attention.  So, I think it’s good for him and it’s good for the league.

“I thought it was funny.  He’s always been creative.  I missed the celebrations.  People liked to look and laugh at him then, but I guess now the cyber-world is his new playground.”

Ochocinco does respect Foxworth and Washington, however.  He lined up across Washington once last year and totaled four receptions for 45 yards in Week 13.

“Let me tell you, I play around with those guys on twitter, but man I have much respect for those two,” Johnson said.  “Fabian Washington, I had a chance to play against him when he was in Oakland a few times. You know, last year didn’t really count because I was injured so I haven’t really been 100-percent in going against him.

“I’ve watched him through his career, man. Those two are really, really good cornerbacks and of course everybody else speaks for themselves with the defense, in general. But I’m really looking forward to that matchup.”

As for the dance, Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, who is an avid movie buff, thinks he has an idea about what Ochocinco might do.

“I love Will Ferrell. I love Talladega Nights, so yeah. You tell Chad I’m looking forward to seeing it,” he joked.   “Personally, I’m really looking forward to it.”

I’m not sure if Sizzle was thinking about it, but if he does see the dance, it would mean Ocho scored a touchdown.  Maybe Chad can unveil the dance during their free time and not during game time.

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