Late For Work 9/30: Brady Not Over Knee Injury

Plus the power rankings, a Super Bowl hangover, Ben on WWE, QB rankings and love for Ed Reed.

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Mentally, Brady not over knee injury

In his “NFL Truths” column, Fox Sports’ Jason Witlock believes New England’s QB Tom Brady is never going to mentally get over his knee injury. Witlock goes on to say that Brady’s fearlessness in the pocket is what separated him from other QBs.

While Brady isn’t playing scared, if his injury is in the back of his mind, the Ravens may try to follow Jets head coach Rex Ryan’s lead by applying pressure and making the pocket an uncomfortable place to be. The reports through three weeks of football are that Brady has been out of sync with his receivers. Pocket pressure could help that trend continue.

Pats Cut Former Raven Burgess

After trading a conditional seventh-round draft pick for former Raven Prescott Burgess, the New England Patriots released the linebacker to make room for 6’7” DL Terdell Sands. The move was made the day after the Patriots lost DT Vince Wilfork to an ankle injury in their victory over the Falcons. The team announced the transaction on the team’s Twitter account, realpatriots.

Ravens maintain top rank, Steelers fall

After a punishing 34-3 victory over the Cleveland Browns, the Ravens secured their No. 1 spot on the ESPN power rankings and have had little to no movement on various other ranking lists. For me, the interesting rankings news this week was how far the Pittsburgh Steelers fell. So as I list the Ravens’ rankings, I will list the Steelers’ too, just for fun.

ESPN: Ravens No. 1, Steelers drop 10 spots to No. 16 (experts list): Ravens No. 2, Steelers drop nine spots to No. 17
CBS Sports: Ravens No. 4, Steelers drop four spots to No. 13
Pro Football Weekly: Ravens No. 2, Steelers drop nine spots to No. 11
Fox Sports: Ravens No. 7, Steelers drop six spots to No. 8

How much of the Steelers fall from glory can be blamed on All-Pro safety Troy Polamalu being injured?

Super Bowl hangover

AP Sports writer Alan Robinson says that the Pittsburgh Steelers may be experiencing a Super Bowl hangover, similar to their experience in 2006 when “the partying suddenly stops after a Super Bowl victory and a new season arrives very quickly. That season, numerous distractions and their quarterback’s health problems led to a 2-6 start and they wound up missing the playoffs.”

This year, the Steelers are off to a 1-2 start. Their quarterback is healthy, but speaking of distractions…

Ben Roethlisberger to host Monday Night Raw for WWE

Only one day after his matchup against Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers, Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is scheduled to host World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) Monday Night Raw.

According to WWE’s website, “Roethlisberger frequently attends Raw and SmackDown with his Steelers teammates when WWE visits Pittsburgh’s Mellon Arena, which gives him up-close knowledge of the Superstars and Divas he will have control over next Monday night.”

New England’s offensive woes

If you haven’t been able to see any footage of New England, this four-minute clip offers an enlightening review of the Pats’ offensive ups and downs. It’s one thing to read about Brady being rusty, but it’s another to see it. There was one play in the Patriots’ victory over the Falcons last Sunday, in which Brady completely overthrew a wide-open Randy Moss in the end zone.

QB Rankings

Yahoo! Sports ranked Ravens QB Joe Flacco at No. 4 in their weekly QB rankings list. The site noted, “Eli got the nod for the top three only because Flacco’s two best games have come against pretty weak teams; Kansas City and Cleveland. That’s not something that I hold against him, but there’s very little separation here, and something’s got to make the difference.”

Mason’s 72-yard TD

NFL Total Access counted down the Top 10 plays from Week 3 action, and QB Joe Flacco’s 72-yard TD connection to WR Derrick Mason in the 34-3 win vs. the Browns was listed at No. 8.

Harbaugh and Billick both cherish Ed Reed

Fox Sports NFL analyst Brian Billick interviewed John Harbaugh once again on his website show, “Coach Speak,” to talk about the art of blocking punts. Billick introduced his successor as the “red hot” John Harbaugh, and commented that nobody is playing better than the Ravens right now. I got a kick out of watching smiles appear on the two coaches’ faces when discussing Ed Reed. They could relate with one another about how much fun it was/is to create havoc for opponents’ punters by applying pressure with Reed.

<a href=";from=IV2_en-us_foxsports_videocentral" target="_new" title="Coach Speak: How to block a punt">Video: Coach Speak: How to block a punt</a>

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