Trash Talk for Reed, Samari or Willis

Three Ravens from Florida are asking for your trash-talking support.

Posted by Mike Duffy on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 at 1:17 pm | Categories: Mike Duffy

Here’s an interesting charitable endeavor.

Most of the time, doing charity work is based on a good-natured community vibe. This week, Ed Reed, Willis McGahee and Samari Rolle are engaged in more of a battle.

That’s because the Make a Play Foundation has recruited those Ravens, along with a few other players, to participate in the “Talk Trash for Charity Challenge” before the annual clash between The University of Miami and Florida State.

Scheduled for Monday, Sept. 7, the game always ignites the rivalry between Rolle, an FSU alumnus, and McGahee and Reed, two former Hurricanes.

Basically, the Talk Trash endeavor is seeking fans of each school or player to choose their favorite player from their favorite school and donate money to support the cause.

With each dollar donated, fans can add one point to their favorite players’ total and deduct one point from a rival players’ total. The player who has the most points at the end of the week will be crowned the champion, winning the battle between charities.

OK, then the players from each school will draft one fan to be part of each team, selected from videos submitted online during the week. Fans are encouraged to submit a short clip, showing off their best touchdown dance. Videos, one minute or shorter, can be submitted through Friday, Sept. 4 at Noon on the foundation’s website: Two will be selected as finalists, and a winner will eventually be crowned.

Florida State’s Myron Rolle and Warrick Dunn are also participating, as is Miami’s Kevin Everett.

Each player will utilize the proceeds to a selected cause, and a portion will benefit the Make a Play Foundations academic and youth recreation programs.

McGahee’s cause is to provide Thanksgiving meals and holiday toys to disadvantaged and at-risk youth through his foundation. Samari wants to provide school supplies and backpacks for children through his Rolle With Me Foundation. Reed will use the funds to get school supplies, as well.

The game itself is going to be big. FSU is ranked No. 18 in the nation on one of the first polls, while Miami could surprise some people.

Rolle is fired up about it.

“When I was in school, the Miami game was a little more important than the (University of) Florida game,” Rolle said. “Well towards the end, Florida became our biggest rival. Miami’s a different week. From Monday up until Friday, when you walk into the locker room, you’re going to hear In the Air Tonight, Phil Collins’ song. Nonstop. Nonstop. Nonstop. That’s all you hear. So you kind of know it’s UM week.

“It’s really just a chance for people who played against each other in high school to just go at it and have bragging rights. The biggest difference I will say is that Florida State is the only school out of the big three (FSU, UF, UM) that plays the other two (UM and UF) in the same year.”

So, if you’re so inclined, support your favorite Ravens and their schools. It’s for a good cause.

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