Girl Scouts Welcome Back Mason

Derrick Mason wanted a band. Instead, he got Girl Scouts to cheer him on.

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Girl Scout Troop 1594 visits Derrick Mason at Training Camp. (Photo courtesy of Sabina Moran)

Girl Scout Troop 1594 visits Derrick Mason at Training Camp. (Photo courtesy of Sabina Moran)

Ravens wide receiver Derrick Mason said he wanted a marching band to welcome him back from his brief retirement.

But he also said Girl Scouts would be an apt substitute.

Mason got his wish when Troop 1594 from Westminster, Md., came to the Ravens’ Friday morning practice to support the 12-year veteran.

“I was surprised,” Mason said with a smile.  “I walked past them for a second, but then I looked at the jacket they had and the sign.  My daughter’s a Girl Scout, so I did a double-take. Then I saw their sign and had to walk over.   It was a good surprise.  I asked for a marching band, I asked for the Girl Scouts, and the Ravens sent the Girl Scouts.  It can’t get any better.”

There was a group of 15 Girl Scouts clad in their typical green vests, all emblazoned with patches of all sorts, carrying signs promoting No. 85.

Mason said on Sunday that he wanted the Marching Ravens to come to his first practice with the team after making his abrupt announcement that he would retire in July. 

It was a direct response to wide receiver Terrell Owens’ arrival with the Buffalo Bills, where he was honored with a capacity crowd and a band at the upstate New York airport.

The Ravens actually looked in to securing the band for Sunday’s practice, but rain cancelled the potential plans.

When the band did not show, Mason joked that a Girl Scout troop should have been there, which piqued the ears of some local members.

“We had a meeting on Wednesday, and we made banners,” said Troop 1594 leader Lisa Click, who runs the group out of William Winchester Elementary School in Westminster, Md.  “They talked about him coming out, but we weren’t sure. When we realized we were going to be in the big time and he was actually going to see us, everyone was so excited. A couple of girls said they couldn’t sleep last night.”

The scouts brought a basket full of the famous Girl Scout cookies, which Mason said would be short-lived.

“The Girl Scouts coming out here, what better cheering section can you have?” he said.   “They are known all around the world.  That’s something special. 

“And they brought some cookies, and I guarantee I’ll eat every box of them.  I enjoy Girl Scout cookies. I have it better than T.O.  They just wanted an autograph from T.O.  [The Girl Scouts] gave me cookies, so what more can you ask for?”

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