Barnes Is the First To Arrive

LB Antwan Barnes led the players as an early arrival to the Ravens’ training camp headquarters.

Posted by Mike Duffy on Monday, July 27th, 2009 at 12:20 pm | Categories: 2009 Training Camp, Mike Duffy

It wasn’t until around 11:45 a.m. that the first Ravens players trickled into the Best Western in Westminster, Md., ready to get situated for training camp. As for me, I’ve been here all morning, along with a handful of other media types that cover the team.

After setting up my training camp office, I joined those media types in the hotel lobby to begin the annual “stalking of players,” basically waiting to see who’s the first to arrive and be on lookout for any big names to poach for a quick interview.

Coaches began filing in at 10 a.m., all carrying various boxes and duffel bags. One of the most excited and vocal was secondary coach Mark Carrier, who made his way around the open rooms giving high fives and showing exuberance on opening day.

Every time another coach would walk through the hall, Carrier would welcome him with a loud, “Coach! What’s up, my brother?” It seems that Carrier is definitely ready to hit the field.

That won’t come until tomorrow, however.

The Ravens have two practices scheduled for rookies, quarterbacks and selected veterans on Tuesday, with the rest of the team coming later in the week.

Linebacker Antwan Barnes is designated as a “selected veteran.” He was the first player I saw pull up, along with rookie running back Cedric Peerman. Barnes, in his lazy Miami gait, strolled in to pick up his key and then right back out to unpack his car and set up his room.

More to come all day long from the Ravens’ training camp headquarters.

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